Thursday, December 31, 2009

The search for Intelligent life in the Outerspace

Ever since man began to search into the deep outer space in search of Intelligent life in the universe. For a quite long time our scientists and astronomers are in search of extra terrestrial intelligence. This search was started from early sixties and still continuing. In 1960 the leading scientists by that time, Philip Morrison and Gluseppe Cocconi wrote an article in the most famous British Journal "Nature" about the SETI.

In that article they had mention that we should listen to certain radio frequencies to intercept messages that might be arrived from outer space livings and they concluded that the extra terrestrials must be exist some where in the universe and we will be able to see them and communicate to them one day in future. But no proof arrived.

By the same time two stares namely TAU CETI and EPSILON ERIDANI were pointed out by Frank drake a astronomer in Virginia. They were about 12light years away from the earth.Following the American scientists the Russian scientists tried their part and on 12th April 1965 they received a strong radio signals with high intensity but later they found that they were emanated from the quasars in the distance galaxies.

From sixties to end nineties there were about fifty to sixty listening programmes were conducted by the scientists and astronomers but all ere futile.The frustrated scientists and NASA abandoned the programmes because of the financial hurdles.

After the Apollo 11 mission was successful the NASA again started the projects with the new name MEGA-SETI and they have announced that they had received 164 signals from the outer space. But most of the scientists argued that there could not be extra terrestrial and few argued that we are only primitive to notice the non earthy intelligences.

Many scientists and biologists are unfavour to the extra terrestrial livings because they have so many doubts, firstly they don't believe that life is a common thing. secondly they argued that life in our planet is an accidental happening in the past and so that cannot be occur in the outer space. Last but not the least they argued that humans are an idea ltype that can not be copied.
Most of the stars are of so many light years away from us so the signals will take a long time to reach us and hence the debate will continue till our life time

Hence quite interestingly I wish to put a comma for this debate why because it is an unending one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. yeah, the debate will sure continue even past our life time ...

  2. ufo's and unsolved mysteries always fascinated me...

    these are certain things which will remain like this for eternal times...and we people will keep reading discussing about them...



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