Thursday, December 24, 2009

IS THE EARTH SLOWING DOWN ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know, The earth is slowing down? The rotational speed of the earth is slowing down. This was first found by the famous scientist,mathematician,astronomer Edmond Halley. A comet is bearing his own name as Comet Halley, to honor him for his remarkable job in astronomy.

The earths speed of rotation was slow down but the rate at which it takes place is very very small and it can not be accurately measured in a small interval of time. In 100 years or more a day or night will be two milliseconds longer. Now our earth takes 24hours to take one complete rotation on its own axis but about 400 million years before it was about 400days long.

Here we gave to remember again the moon is revolving around the earth more slowly and moves away from the earth few centimeters per year. The interaction of moon and earth are the result of the above interrelated phenomena.

we know gravitational pull of the moon and sun cause tides. Apart from these two the centrifugal force of the earth is also a reason for it. The height of the tides depends upon the shape of the coast, depth of the ocean and the shape of the Ocean bed.

The movement of water masses and tides makes some friction on the earth crest which absorbs some energy of the earth which works like a brake and slow down the earth's rotation.

As some time in future our planet will slowed its rotation and it will lose its own satellite moon. Further, after 4 thousand million years the earth will stop its rotation on its own axis which will result in dividing into two halves extreme hot and extreme cold region.

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