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In the recent past the green house effect has received a greater attention. In recent years most people are not sure what exactly global warming means and they don't know whether it is harmful or useful?

The term “GREEN HOUSE EFFECT" is used for mentioning warming influence of the atmosphere. Our atmosphere behave as a semi permiable membarane for particular radiation. The short wave radiation penetrates through the atmosphere almost unimpeded to the earth surface. Where as the long wave radiation reflected by the earth surface is blocked by the atmosphere, absorbed and converted into heat energy.

Before proceeding, Here I wish to mention "What is green house effect/" The glass roof of a closed car allows the light to enter in side where as it does not allow the heat inside to escape thus it does not allow the heat inside to escape thus it keeps inside warmer.

With out the green house effect our earth may be frozen and the earth temperature may fall down to -18 C to -20C. Do you know the average temperature of earth is 15C. The earth atmosphere acts as a permanent trap. In the atmosphere there are many numbers of gases, Primarily Nitrogen and Oxygen, with traces of several other gases and water vapor in varying proportion. While Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Ozone, the so called green house gases are of 0.01 percent only in dry air.

The amount of green house effect gases varies due to natural causes such as volcanic activity but recently they have increased to a greater extent which is alarming now.

The root cause of this problem is clearance of tropical forest, rapid industrialization, burning of more petroleum fuels, natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels.

Since 19th century the emission of carbon dioxide the main green house effect gas has increased more than sixty times. Due to lack of forests this emitted carbon dioxide increased concentration in the atmosphere with the green house effect gases.

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