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The Hessdalen Lights

Hessdalen Lights

The Hessdalen Phenomenon – Unusual Lights

Hovering above a valley in central Norway, the presence of strange balls of lights has surprised scientists for years. It is known as Hessdalen Phenomenon, wherein the flashing orbs is considered to be as large as cars having drawn the attention from ufologist.

However, scientists now consider that the unusual lights could have be formed by natural battery which could be buried deep beneath the ground, and created by metallic minerals reacting with sulphurous river running through it. Should the theory be proved to be true, it could open up new way of storing energy.

New Science has reported that some of the lights tend to drift gradually through the sky for around two hours, while the others tend to flash white or blue, flashing through the valley and disappears within seconds.

Looking for the physics of the natural phenomenon since 1982, was Erling Strand, a computer engineer from Ostfold University in Norway, when the recurrent light showed up, it captured the attention of the press and scientists.It was revealed that the lights made no sound, appeared to be cool with no trace of any scorch marking on the ground unlike ball lightning.

Geology Forms Electromagnetic Arena Lines

Moreover, it did not sterilise an area on contact, killing the soil microbes. From the Institute of Radio Astronomy in Medicina, Italy, Jader Monari had researched the Hessdalen site since 1996 and observed that rocks in the valley were rich in zinc and iron on one area of the river running through it and on the other side were rich in copper.

He commented that if there is sulphur in the water in the midst, it would make a perfect battery. Accompanied with a colleague from the University of Bologna, they used rock samples to develop a small valley and submerged them in river sediment and found that electricity flowed between the two rocks and this could help in lighting a lamp.

Dr Monari was of the belief that bubbles of ionised gas tend to develop when sulphurous fumes from the River Hesja react with the air which is humid in the valley. The geology also tends to form electromagnetic arena lines in the valley which provides the answer as to why the orbs of light seem to move around.

Various Theories – Light Being Formed

Dr Monari informed Caroline Williams that this electrical field tend to develop a path which could be the main way of the lights within the valley. An electrical engineer at Ostfold University, Bjorn Gitle Hauge, believes that the energy required to make the clouds glow, would be possible due to the charge built up. Some of the experts are of the opinion that some sort of plasma tends to cause light when a gas ionises it, creates a cloud of ions and electrons, plasma which produces light.

Plasmas could be cool to the touch and could also kill microbes, but they need extremely high temperatures with a huge amount of energy to be produced. Others were of the belief that the lights were a type of ball lightning since identical balls of light was spotted and analysed in China indicating that they were formed of silicon, iron and calcium that are seen in the Hessdalen light together with the addition of element known as scandium.

 However, the Hessdalen lights do not seem to appear where there is lightning, which has lead Dr Hauge to recommend another indication. Besides these, there are various other theories with regards to the light being formed though the battery theory seems to be the possibility based on the present evidence.

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