Friday, June 26, 2015

Dream Home If It Gives You All Required Facilities

The definition of dream home varies from person to person. For a homeless person, a roof supported by four walls could be a paradise, whereas for a financially affluent person a house reflects his taste and preference. Along with that, the facilities expected also varies: the importance of facilities to make your house a dream house always depends on the purchasing power and willingness to afford the same. This can simply can be explained by two scenarios:

In a week’s time, I have had the opportunity to visit one of my friend’s friend’s house as well as my maid’s house and I found that dreams are nurtured and moments are cherished in both the houses. The facilities one opts for, to accessorize the house has implications two fold:

The first one primarily revolves around meeting the daily needs and requirements

The second one is taking a step to ensure the luxuries of life

While you think of getting a house, it could be through real estate agents or from personal references But remember, he gets you only four walls with a roof. It is the dwellers who are living there who treat it as a canvas, paint their dreams and make it vibrant with their aspirations

Before I share my experience, I would like to take an attempt to describe what a dream house would be. Generally, it would be something we see in a fairy tale’s castle. But yes, life has a different equation than that of a fairy tale

So, I visited my maid’s house to attend a religious ceremony and it was a 1RK where she, her husband and her son lives and yes the basic amenities are all present like fridge, TV, oven, bed, cupboards etc. and she was more than happy to show me her house. Cleanliness and hygiene has been taken care of with utmost priority. As per her, this is her dream home since it has everything she wanted to have for happy living and she also introduced me to the property dealer who got her this house

Two days later, I had been asked to accompany my friend since she was planning a surprise party for her on her birthday. And trust me when I entered her house, I was bedazzled with the interiors which is nothing less than what I have seen in movies. The walls and flooring have been recreated by mahogany wood, shimmering chandeliers to light up the mood, technically sophisticated music system, latest gadgets, opulent bath-ware and bedroom are a sheer reflection of extravagance. Also, this penthouse is positioned in one of the prime locations of the city at the 45th floor and from the balcony, you actually have a bird’s eye view of the city. The real estate broker who sold this house to her actually went for a Thailand vacation after this deal. The utility items like fridge, oven etc… everything speaks the language of indulgence or perhaps over – indulgence will not be an understatement! The open terrace has been complemented with the roof – top Jacuzzi and this is her dream home, which implies that a dream home undoubtedly provides you with the required facilities as per your requirement and aspirations, and yes, different people have different expectations out of their life.

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