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9 Facts About Draupadi Which You Don't Know – Part II

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Draupadi’s vessel seems like Lakshimi’s `akshaya patra’ that always remained full of food and all over India, the term `Draupadi’s vessel means kitchen that overflows with the best of foods. She is also considered as `Annapurna’.

Mahabharata portrays the value of a good homemaker and that women should not be considered for lust. On Ghatotkacha’s first visit to his father’s kingdom, he failed to pay respect to Draupadi inspite of his mother’s instruction, to which Draupadi felt humiliated and was very angry.

She yelled at him in anger stating that she was an exceptional person, the queen of Yudhisthira, the daughter of a Brahmin king and her status was much higher than the Pandavas and at his mother’s request he had dared to insult her in the assembly of elders, kings and sages.

She curses Ghatotkacha stating that his life would be short and that he would be killed without a fight which was a terrible consequence for a Kshatriya. Hidimba on the other hand could not restrain herself on hearing her curse and rushing up to her called her a wretched, sinful woman and in her anger cursed Draupadi’s children and the two queens almost killed the Pandava origin.

Draupadi’s Vessel – Remained Full of Food
Various Goddess Avatars 

Draupadi is considered to be the composite avatar of Goddess Shyamala – wife of Dharma, Bharati – wife of Vaya, Shachi – wife of Indra, Usha – wife of Ashwins and Parvati – wife of Shiva, according to Narad Purana and Vayu Purana. In her earlier avatars, she was born as Vedavati, who had cursed Raavan and then took birth as Sita, who was the cause of Raavan’s death. Her third incarnation seemed to be partial either as Damayanti or her daughter Nalayani while the fifth avatar was Draupadi..

While she agreed to be the common wife, she had made a condition that her household would not be shared with any other woman. This meant that the Pandavas were unable to bring their other wives to Indra-prastha though Arjuna managed in bringing his wife in.

She was Krishna’s sister, Subhadra who with Krishna’s advice was in a position to trick her way into that household.Duryodhana did not participate in Draupadi’s swayamvara since he was already married to the princess of Kalinga, Bhumati and had promised her that he would never marry and kept his promise.

Krishna – Only True Friend 

Draupadihad always considered Lord Shiva as her Sakhs or beloved friend while Krishna addressed her as Sakhi which portrayed the spiritual love prevailing between them. Krishna was the only true friend who often came to her rescue whenever she was in need of help and whose divine presence, she experienced always in her life.

As per a legend from Mahabharat, during the 13th year of the exile of the Pandavas, Draupadi had seen a jambul hanging from a tree and plucked it in order to eat it. When she had plucked it and was about to eat it, Krishna came from somewhere and stopped her from eating it which according to him, the ripe fruit was meant to be the fruit with which a sage intended to break his twelve year fast.

Not finding the fruit in its place would earn the wrath of the sage which would have resulted in more trouble for the Pandavas as well as for Draupadi. Draupadi sought the help of Krishna to get out of problem in this incident.

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