Friday, February 13, 2015

Solway Spaceman

The Solway Firth Spacemen – Relates to Figure seen in Photograph (1964) 

The Solway Firth Spaceman also known as the Solway Spaceman or the Cumberland Spaceman is related to a figure which is seen in a photograph taken in the year 1964 by photographer, fireman and local historian – Jim Templeton -13 February 1920 to 27 November 2011.

This photo was taken on Burgh Marsh located near Burgh by Sands which overlooked the Solway Firth in Cumbria, England and was claimed by Templeton that the photograph showed a figure in the background wearing a space suit, insisting that he did not see anyone at the time the photograph was taken. The photo was reproduced in all contemporary newspaper drawing the attention of several ufologist and a contemporary analysis indicated that the figure could probably be the photographer’s wife who was seen standing with her back to the camera where her attire seems to appear white due to the over-exposure. Templeton being a keen amateur photographer had carried his Kodak SLR and had taken three photos along with others of his daughter in quick succession of her sitting on the ground.

He had taken the film to his local chemist for the purpose of development and on returning a few days thereafter to collect it, the remark of the chemist stating that it was a shame regarding the figure wearing what seems to be a spacesuit spoiling a good photo, made him aware of the image in the background.

Strange Space Suited Image 

The photo portrayed a strange space suited image instead of a UFO and seems to be one of the most puzzling image ever shot and though the photo is often claimed to be a hoax, the circumstance which surround it are frequently used to justify the presence of the shadowy, MIB like government agents.

The photograph was soon seen on the front page of the local newspaper and soon Templeton and his daughter became the focus of attention and media celebrities as the images became popular all around the world though the price of this involuntary fame and attention was very high.

His daughter was bullied and taunted and he had to take her out of school for some time since she was suffering from nerves. Later in summer after the photograph had been published, it was said that Templeton was visited at the Fire Station by two men who claimed to be from the government and who refused to show their identity.

Men in Black – Identified by Numbers 

The men were dressed in complete black and drove a brand new black Jaguar car, an unusual one and transport of the time and asked to be taken to the site where the photograph had been taken. Templeton on asking for their identity was showed a card bearing an official crest with the word `security’ and were told that they were from the Ministry and that there was no need to know who they were. He was informed that they were only identified by number.

He noticed that the pair referred to each other as `nine’ and `eleven’. On taking these men to the site where the photograph was taken, Templeton states that when he explained that he had not seen the figure at that time, the men seemed to be angry and drove away leaving him to walk home alone. Templeton dismissed the presence of these men as frauds in September 1964.

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