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Klaus Dona

Klaus Dona – Art Exhibition Curator, Austria

Klaus Dona
Klaus Dona is from the art world and as an Art Exhibition Curator for the Habsburg Haus of Austria; he has been organising exhibitions all across the globe. His approach to archaeology is unconventional and he has travelled in search of unsolved and unique discoveries all over the world. He is on a mission to bring about discoveries to the people like his discovery on giant bones, crystal skulls, carvings and sculptures, the existence of which had not been revealed.

He seems to be motivated with this unusual vocation since he refuses to retreat in the face of doubt and scepticism and though his funding is on the lower side, he is keen on discovering the real mysteries by going down through the centuries and excavating artifacts which science does not permit, to know the existence of physical proof that had not been surfaced.

Being a specialist in art exhibition and culture, since 1991, he has organized over 30 cultural exhibitions in Austria, Korea and Japan and his attention was drawn automatically to a phenomenon known as `Ooparts’, an out of place artifacts. According to present science, these artifacts should not exist and Klaus Dona has been researching on these types of artefact for more than a decade.

`Ooparts’ Pieces – Unsolved Mysteries 

Klaus Dona
After his prolonged research, he finally set up an exhibition of 470 Ooparts pieces known as `Unsolved Mysteries’, wherein the artifacts come from various places like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and several other countries and has displayed these artifacts, something which he has achieved since most of the museums bury them in their basements in order to avoid raising queries. Major quantity of these discoveries have been scattered around the world and kept in secret private collection.

Klaus Dona has managed to research over 3500 pieces which has no logical answers to it. Dona has been living in Vienna since 1982 and has been operating from his office from 1987 and for many years has been dedicated to the research of mysterious excavations and discoveries. He believes that the can prove the existence of ancient, global civilization which had built the first pyramids.

Ancient Rock Walls and Formations in Australia

Klaus Dona
Ancient rock walls and formations in Australia were found at a location that was not far off and which is seldom walked near or seen and there seemed to be an extremely unusual tunnel and wall which had been discovered due to Klaus Dona’s guidance,with access to the latest advances in photographs and technology.

The site seems to be a steep slope and to enter to the opening of this site was to straddle a three metre drop and the entrance seems to be a bit unnatural. From observations it was learnt that the tunnel was under pressure and compression from above.

Klaus Dona Artefact

The top part of the platform seemed to be sliding down the slope causing confusion in the tunnel. Some of his exhibition were `Planning and implementation of the Japanese Friendship Festival’, on the Vienna Danube Island, `The Splendor of the Habsburg dynasty’ in Tokyo which triggered the Habsburg boom in Japan, `Planning and coordination for the Japanese series move `Tora-San’, `Unsolved mysteries – The World of the Unexplained’, the world premiere of the exhibition was in Vienna, which was followed by exhibitions in Berlin – D, Interlaken – CH and Seoul – S. Korea.

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