Friday, February 26, 2010

The Brain, Store house of Memory Part III

Scrects of Super brains of the Genious!

Along with the constant processing and discarding of information, there are many thousands of pieces of knowledge and memories that we will retain for ever. These pieces of data have been consigned to our long term memory, a data bank that examines and stores selected information for long term recording. The long term memory ensures that these pieces of information will always be there for us.

The long term memory works by first checking the new elements for their significance, them admitting them in proportions to how often they are repeated. This is why so called swatting, or memorization- the apparently endless repletion of what ever has to be learned- is not a torture invented by cruel teachers, but is one of the basic principles of memory retention. In many cases of extraordinary memory, the secret is simply well trained abilities. But we do need certain inherited talents if we wish to compete with the likes of Bhandata Vicitsara or Hideaki Tomoyori.

After a period of three years most people only retain abut a tenth of several hundred pieces of stored information. The remainder usually stays in their memory until the end of their lives. But to understand this process better, we need to examine where these messages are placed while they are waiting to be recalled.

The physical layout of the human memory is complicated, since our memory is not localized in one single area of the brain. This can be seen in patients who suffer from memory disturbances but not complete memory loss. Many people forget what they did the previous evening or a few hours ago- in extreme cases, even a few minutes ago. Other people cannot recall entire periods of their lives. All memory malfunctions indicate that events affection us activate several areas of the brain.


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  1. Even today I saw a documentary where they say that the information that they accumulate during the day a human brain to store lots and sleep review and distribute them at their place .... informed that practically all his life in the brain remain to our!
    Beautiful and interesting magazine! Congratulations!


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