Saturday, January 28, 2017

How goods have been purchased and sold throughout history

barter system
The way we are able to sell and purchase goods have drastically changed over the centuries. However, many historical practice is still indoor today. Here's a list of how goods have been purchased and sold throughout history.

Any cultures from the China to India would sell their goods in open-air markets. And while in many cultures the open air market still endures the ancient system of bartering and trading does not. When you’re bartering in treating you are exchanging goods and services that you have for goods and services you want. This method of payment dates back to 6000 BC, which was used by many Mesopotamian tribes. Goods were exchanged for food, tea, weapons, and spices.

Salt was another popular bartering items so much so that the ancient Romans were often paid in salt. In the Middle Ages, Europeans would often travel the globe trading Furs for silks and perfumes. In colonial America hunters and gatherers would often trade pelts, meat and wild grown fruits and vegetables for other goods and services.

With the invention of money, bartering didn't completely died out it just became more organized. Due to lack of money, bartering resurfaced during the Great Depression. However, now the bartering was being done through agencies similar to Banks and a system of credit was being developed.

Another ancient system that endures to this day in the east, but not so much in the west is the concept of negotiating or haggling prices. Techniques and tricks on how to properly negotiate varies culture to culture. Example haggling in India is very emotional and usually involves arguing while haggling in China is more of a mind game where you benefit from staying cool, calm and collected.

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