Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Decoding the Mystery behind the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction – Attract Whatever You Think

Many of us tend to have created our own reality and according to science it is true. We develop thoughts before leaving for work and when we find traffic on the road, we could be late in reaching there. We are somewhat to be blamed for this, since we tend to think negatively and what we conceive is also negative.

This could occur often and what we fear the most tends to be true. For instance, if we think that if one is not successful in their exams and does not do well, they tend to dwell on negative thoughts. If our thoughts tend to get negative, they also end up with negative results. There is no means in which we could anticipate the future but we could focus more on the positive aspects of life.

Instead of thinking on the negative aspects of a given situation we could think of something positive of the given situation being faced. Thus we are taking into account the positive side of the situation and not focusing on the negatives of a given circumstance. The law of attractions states that you attract whatever you think about, whether positive or negative. The law of attraction is all about `when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you in achieving it’.

Universe Manifests Thoughts/Desires

As per this principle, whatever tends to go on in the mind is what is attracted and the universe manifests your thoughts as well as the desires and the significance of success is to have a positive outlook while operating towards one’s objective. However, the road to success may not seem to be an easy one and you could face hurdles all through, but all the same one should be strong-minded in achieving if intending to be successful.

The Law of Attraction does exist and explained by NASA Scientist in Layman’s term. For more than forty years, several writers have labelled and wondered the facets of The Law of Attraction in works like The Power of Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization and The Secret.

 According to Dr Taylor, a scientist, engineer as well as a science fiction writer, who had studied the mysterious nature of quantum physics and the universe, states that the Law of Attraction is not a law and that the `law’ is more of a motto, a philosophical or a psychological proverb and does not dismisses it. He states that it is not a law by severe scientific proof and there is no experimental evidence for it.

Influence Reality by How You Think

According to him, you can influence reality by how you think. He further explains new theories of the brain as well of reality, stating that one can influence reality by creating a though with emotions and imagery.

In spirit, what we are doing is sending qwiff - a quantum wave function in the energy field that we are in, which tends to go out and gets attracted to other similar qwiffs, the result of which is a new reality. We should know what we want and be confident in what one desires from the Universe and have a clear image of what one wants since it will attract what you think.

You should create a mental image of what is wanted as though you have already achieved it and focus on how it would feel. Most important is to be thankful of what is achieved and being grateful for what you have could further heighten the positive, sending good vibrations out in the universe.

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