Tuesday, October 15, 2013

History mystery:The Mysterious Shugborough Inscription

Shugborough Inscription-2
History is full of many intriguing incidents and monuments, arousing the curiosity of the minds of many, who tend to make great attempts in unraveling the puzzles and find solutions to the hidden mysteries. The Shugborough Inscription is one such mystery which is both puzzling and intriguing. The monument, Shugborough inscription which seems to be a carved inscription attached on a large manor house in England is a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Shugborough Inscription-1
It is on the grounds of Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England, portraying a replica of Nicolas Poussin’s masterpiece namely The Shepherd of Arcadia. This was commissioned by Thomas Anson and and was fashioned by Peter Scheemakers, the Flemish sculptor. The monument is set within stone arch and looks like the entrance of a cave which is natural and wild with carved inscription of D OUOSVAVV M. Many are clueless to the meaning of these inscriptions and the unknown facts of the mysterious inscription of ten letters which has not yet reached any satisfactory explanations and has been known as one of the world’s unsolved cipher texts. This monument according to various writers dates back to the years during 1748 to 1767 and over a period of time, many solutions to the random letters have been selected.

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Admiral George Anson for instance, famous for his navigation of the globe may have encrypted a brief Latin poem in memory of his late wife, the translation into English reads as – Best wives, best of sisters, a most devoted widower dedicates to your virtues. Some state that the inscriptions in Latin could be for particular biblical verses while others suggest that the letters may represent the initials of some renowned residents belonging to the Shugborough Hall and its surroundings. A majority of them speculate that these inscriptions once decoded could tell the location of the Holy Grail while still others think that the code could be in Norwegian language and the option of using the English or Latin language to unravel the code would be futile.

Shugborough Inscription
There are still many more who believe that the mysterious inscriptions may not represent any letters at all and that it could only be a string of numbers. According to others the cryptic inscriptions etched on marble tablet could indicate the trail of The Holy Grail where Nicolas Poussin is believed to be the grand master of the Knight Templer, an order which captured Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades who were the keepers of The Holy Grail which according to the Christian mythology was the vessel used by Jesus Christ at the time of His Last Supper and before his death on the Cross is said to have miraculous powers.

 For many years the Shugborough Inscriptions has been churning the minds of great theologians, historians, scientist, including Charles Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and the recent Second World War code breaker, Bletchley Park, but the same has not yet been solved and hence the mission of unraveling the mystery of the carved inscription code continues intriguing all with many still speculating to get the answers and solve the mystery of this intriguing inscription


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