Saturday, September 3, 2011

Exploring World Religions -2

Part. II Exploring World Religions

Hinduism: Indian religion that aims at liberating the spirit from the material world through the purification of desires and the surpassing of personal identity. Hindu writings go back to around 1200B, but there is no single founder, scared text or set of doctrines. Instead, emphasis is placed on right living, or dharma, and spiritual development throughout life. Although some Hindus believe in one God and some in none, most worship a number of deities, of who the most important are Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. All Hindus, however share karma and reincarnation. There are about 500 million Hindus in the world. Traditionally, Hinduism was linked to the Indian caste system, a rigid social hierarchy which governs every aspect of an individual’s life, from birth to death.

Idealism: In philosophy, any view that the material world is in some way dependent on the mind that perceives it. Idealist thinkers do not necessarily deny that material objects exist, but claim that they cannot be known to exist independently of the human mind. Berkeley, Hegel, and Kant were all idealist thinkers. Idealism is opposed by Realism and materialism.

Materialism: In philosophy, the position that nothing exists except physical objects and forces that are perceptible and measurable. Materials deny the existence of spirit, soul or mind as a separate type of reality, and they look for physical explanations of all phenomena- for example, by explaining thoughts or emotions in terms of chemical reactions in the brain.

Marxism is a form of materialism in which almost every aspect of culture is seen in terms of economic forces.


  1. Rajkumar Sir,I wish to ask u(as u r an Educationalist) that 'How come or When did Vegetarianism come into practice?'(pls remember that Ancient Indians were - Indus as well as Aryan Civilization ppl- Non-vegetarians).Did it come with caste?.

  2. It is well said about idealism and materialism...but rajkumar..think about the philosophy which existed before your exploration. KINDLY read KARL MARX theory about idealism and materialism....

    without an object you can't derive its function nor you can give an outline to it...there has to be a material for your observation....

  3. I have mailed the explanation about Aryan civilization and your g mail Christy.


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