Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christianity, Is it a stunt follower of Pagan traditions?

Everything in the Christianity; the style of churches robes crosses, traditions and customs has its origin from the Pagan religion. It is very hard to believe isn’t it?  No issues go through the entire post.

IN 325 AD, Constantine began to converting official pagan religion of Roman into Christianity and adopted many of the Pagan customs into Christianity.

Blessing:  Origin of Blessing is the Proto Germanic word blothisojan meaning “blood marking or marking with mark”. The Pagans sprinkled blood at the altar as the sign of sincerity.
Easter: Most of us know unlike Christmas (December 25th) the Easter celebration date is set by the calculated by the church according to the phases of moon. Referring to the Pagan almanac the Easter celebrations have the Pagan origin. Easter customs involves eggs. In pagan custom too the egg symbolizes the new life.

Symbols: In the early period Christians adopted the fish symbol  and then the trident and finally the cross. In the 4th the Constantine abolished crucifixion and then the cross became the emblem and a scared one. Remember the Pagan the fish symbol was already in use of Pagans.

Ceremonial dress worn by the priests:    From the old arts we can find the Pagan priests worn the robes 

Churches:  The Pagan temples have scared alters for sacrifices same system of alters in the churches. Early church designs are similar to that of the Pagan temples. The Pagans believed that heaven is in the up (where light comes from the sun) and the Christians also believe that the heaven is in the up.

Christmas:  The Pagans celebrated festivals in the month of December (Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere) they decorate with red berries and green leaves to represent fruitfulness of male (red) and incubation by the female(green). The same complementary red and green colors are used for Christmas decoration. The Santa Claus resembles the Pagan God Odin (Old man with a long white bearded)

 The last but not the least; the last word Amen also have Pagan origin, Amen is one of the Pagan god for creation.

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  1. Very interesting. You should also look into all the aspects of Christianity that came from Hinduism as well. I grew up Holiness Christian and have now converted. It amazes me how many things I see that existed in Hinduism long before Christianity existed. Also, look at the Jewish star of David. That symbol is on many Muslim and Hindu buildings all over India and out dates the "Jewish Star" as it's often referred to.


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