Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nostradamus and His Prophecies Part.I

                                        I have already written about Michel Nostradamus, seer of France, an extraordinary man who born in 1503 who possessed some inner knowledge than an ordinary man.Let us view more about his Prophecies.

                                        Nostradamus was a general medical practitioner, a man of exceptional medical accomplishments. Less details of his life are available, from his manuscripts, his epistles to the King of France, and his letters to his own son; it is evident that he too belonged to the Order of the Pursuit.

                                        The first edition of the Prophecies of Nostradamus was published in 1660. At that time the Americas were still the happy hunting ground of Spanish adventures. There was no indication that it will be a super power in the western hemisphere, but Nostradamus wrote at length of the future of America which indicates his extraordinary knowledge.

                                         Throughout his prophecy he mentions America with several names like- Hisparides, America, the Blessed Isles of the West and The land which keeps the Thursday. This last one name is really an astonishing one, because it refers to t the unique American holiday, Thanks giving. It always falls upon a Thursday. This is the only American holiday which depends upon the Thursday alone for its celebration.

To review the opinions of Nostradamus concerning the future fate of Western civilization is not easy.

                                        He foresaw and a great evolution would rise in the western world. That revolution would liberate itself from the bonds of its parent country will assume a free place among the temporal powers. It will flourish and extend its domain across the entire continent. It will grow prosperous and powerful and will live harmony will with its sister (Canada). He wrote that America would have to wage several wars including with the Orient. This clash he describes as an eagle flying against the rising sun. But during his days neither the eagle nor the rising sun had the slightest importance in the symbolism of nations.  In short he foretold the story of the Blessed Isles it accurately according to the spiritual tradition. Really it is amazing mystery.

                                        In ancient days, astrology was one the science of the Kingdoms. Many astrological books clearly show that terrestrial signs were sued to represent the elements of the political system, and the astrologers were the part of the Order of the Quest. Nostradamus was consulted by three kings and Queen; Catherine de Medici consulted him on many occasions. His prophesies of Nostradamus have been translated into most of the languages in the world.

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