Monday, August 23, 2010

The Power of Thought

     When it comes to building self confidence and inner strength, remember one thing; we become what we think. Imagine that your thoughts are drops of water: a single one leaves barely a trace, but many can create a lake and then an ocean. If the water is to be pure, we must filter out our harmful negative thoughts.
If you say yourself ‘ I am stupid and ugly and I will never amount to anything’, your subconscious mind will absorb this message over time. Eventually, you really will feel the way you think about yourself. Therefore, the best advice is to say goodbye to stereotyped negative attitudes.

     Learn to encourage yourself and to look at your life positively. Stand in front of the mirror, and say to yourself;’ I am clever, good looking and successful’. Say it out loud so it will remain imprinted in your unconscious mind. Formulate your wishes clearly and positively. If you observe these rules, you are sure to feel beneficial effects. 
    The power of thoughts is so great that they can trigger physical changes, such as premature ageing. Those who believe that they are already past their prime and good for nothing are certain to age faster than people who refuse to admit defeat. People who become convinced of their own stupidity in childhood will never be among the smart ones in adulthood.


  1. I've heard this maxim: "What you think, you are!" Nice write up...

  2. Beautiful post with great images..We cannot afford one bad thought...those are like weeds in the garden..need to take them out..

  3. My fav post,my friend! Beautifully said.I so totally conform with your thoughts. Those are exactly my thoughts about life as well. :)

    I'm your follower already! :)
    Do visit and follow my blog.It's realated to positive thinking and how those thoghts bring about a better tomorrow for each of us! :)


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