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Use Nearbuy to Get the Best Deals around You

Nearbuy is a pan-India online marketplace platform in India that allows customers to connect with local merchandise and engage with other 33 cities in India. As a business, Nearbuy allows customers to Discover, Buy and Save on this local merchandize by themselves. It provides ease and relief to people because they can easily visit the site and book something in case of emergencies. It operates in the $26Bn Services Retail market in India and comprises of:
  • Food & Beverage: In this section, a person can order food or drinks from different places like dominos, KFC, CCD, Southy, Jungle Jumbore, and Mad over Doughnuts etc. Nearbuy provides easy delivery and home-delivery services in a unique manner. These sites provide vouchers and discounts regularly that attract the customers. Nearbuy has its offices at various places from where they send these deliveries.
  • Beauty & Wellness: Presently this section has about 148 offers for its customers. It consists of various categories like Beauty & Salon, Hair, Face, Body, and Nails. Various salons and spas are associated with Nearbuy like Monsoon Salon and Spa, Kaira Salon etc
  • Movies & Events: A customer can easily buy tickets for any event or movie via Nearbuy which provided special discounts on these tickets. A customer can book the tickets category wise. Presently this section consists of about 10 offers.
  • Hotels: Customers can easily book hotels for their vacations at relatively lower prices. They can choose the best hotel according to their own needs and demands. A person can choose hotels at various scenes like deserts, Beach, Hill stations etc according to his/her choice.
Business Strategy

Nearbuy does not charge anything from the merchants for listing their services on a particular platform. They only list the services, consumers and prepay for these services. After receiving full payment from a customer, it keeps its commission and transfers the balance amount to the merchant after the product or service is availed.
The commission is about 15-16% of an average, and it ranges from 2% to 25% based on the merchant popularity and categories.
Some of the Nearbuy direct and indirect competitors in India include:
  • deal find
  • Little App
  • DealsandYou
These well-known sites give a tough competition to Nearbuy at every point.
Geographic Markets
Nearbuy has opened its market in about 33 cities of India. By doing this it has made it easier for people to work on their demands easily. These are listed below:


Luck now


Mobile Application

Nearbuy's mobile application works on smartphones (Android and iPhones).This app is available for download through Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This site helps the user to book a hotel, an appointment etc at his/her own ease without any problem.

 Offers on Nearbuy
  • Nearbuy provides coupons. These are available online and have many offers. People can easily book the ticket for movies etc using these coupons.
  • The online application available on the play store has a large number of advantages. People who download the app get some of the coupons free but only at the time of offer.
  • The site has to buy 1 get 1 scheme as well especially on the festive season.
  • Nearbuy provided vouchers of different kinds which people can take benefit of at any time.
  • People can easily fix an appointment at various salons; book a hotel etc easily online without any problem.
  • Nearbuy provides cash-back policy for the customers if they are not happy with the service
Promises made by Nearbuy

It states on its website that it will take back every sale with a no-questions-asked and with money refund in the following conditions:
  • If the purchase fails to live up to a customer’s expectations
  • If the purchase expired before it was redeemed
  • If the buyer changes their mind after purchasing a coupon

Life at Cochin University

Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is an autonomous science and technology university in Cochin, Kerala, India. It is a government owned university. It has three campuses: two in Cochin and one in Kuttanad, Alappuzha.

The university gives degrees in engineering and science subjects at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. About 6520 students are engaged yearly in the undergraduate and postgraduate program at the university. CUSAT is placed among the best universities in the world. The CUSAT Results decide the quality of placements at the institute.


The motto of the university is "Tejasvinavadhithamastu", which means, "May the wisdom accrued deify us both — the teacher and the taught - and percolate to the universe in its totality" which is taken from the Vedas.


The university has three campuses in total:
  •  At Cochin, 
  • At Pulinkunnu, Kuttanad. 

Main Campus (Trikakkara Campus) 

The main campus is in Kalamassery. It is an 180-acre campus which consists of the Administrative office, the Central Library, Computer Centre, departments, labs, workshops, School of Engineering's, canteens, guest house, hostels, and playgrounds etc. The Administrative office facilitates and coordinates all the activities of the departments. The Central Library which is fully computerized is a central source of information for the academic block of the CUSAT. The Computer Center provides free internet service to the students. The campus has the buildings of the other departments. The SOE campus has divisions of engineering, labs, and workshops. The Siberia campus block consists of classrooms for engineering as well as a new lab building (NLB) which has department centers and labs. The campus has a Triveni Coffee House as well and other canteens. There are three men's hostels and they are: Siberia, Sarovar and Sanathana — and five women's hostels and they are: Aishwarya, Anashwara, Athulya, Anaga, and Ananya.

 Lakeside Campus 

The Lakeside Campus is about 12 km away from the Main Campus and is set in Cochin City. It consists of the School of Ocean Science and Technology, School of Industrial Fisheries, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Chemical Oceanography, Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics and Department of Physical Oceanography. The School of Marine Sciences consists of a library that is regarded as the largest marine science libraries in Asia and a research section for coastal water studies. The school has an academic section as well with other universities and research institutes in India and outside.

Pulincunnu Campus 

The Pulincunnu campus is in Kuttanad that is 65 km away from the Main Campus. It is the house for the Cochin University College of Engineering, Kuttanad ( CUCEK) and the Cochin University College of Computer Applications (CUCCA). The campus has scenic beauty, temples, and churches.


Cochin University has hostel accommodation for around 600 male and 700 female students that are registered for Undergraduate/ Postgraduate / Research studies.

The Main Campus consists of:
  1.    Sanathana, Siberia, Sarovar and Post metric hostels for boys (Men's Hostels) 
  2.   Aishwarya, Athulya, Anaswara, and Post metric hostels for girls (Ladies' Hostels)  
  3.   OBC Post Metric Hostel for Girls (Ladies' Hostel) 

The Lakeside Campus consists of:
  1.  Cochin University Marine Science Campus Hostel Men's Hostel 

The Campus Cafe is open from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all working days including Saturdays which is easily accessible for the students. A wide variety of South Indian and North Indian dishes are available there. During lunch time Meals are available at very nominal rates for the students.


The physical Education department is functioning in the campus in a very smooth manner. Various sports activities are conducted in the campus with the participation of the colleges from different parts of the state and countries. This helps the students to participate in various activities depending upon their choices.

Student Welfare 

The university consists of the Department of Youth Welfare which is a formal platform to design and implement the youth policies that include the issues related to motivation, participation, promotion and socio-economic and cultural settings within which young people grow up. The Department acts as a driving force for the student and youth community to watch their academic excellence through doing and learning. The department takes care of various aspects of student welfare like students counseling, training, NSS, NCC, government, and nongovernment sponsored youth projects, financial aid & scholarships, health care, games & sports, cultural activities etc.


The university organizes various Cultural Programs and activities. Various cultural events like University Youth Festival, Talent Time, and Anchorage etc. are conducted in the campus with the full participation of the colleges throughout the country.


Almost 90 % of CUSAT B.Tech students have been placed through campus recruitment drive every year. The maximum package offered is Rs 12 lakh per annum and the average annual pay package is Rs 4.82 lakhs.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

UFO Hunters Claim to Have Found a MARBLE on Mars

MARBLE on Mars
 Scientists and Astronauts are still trying to figure out whether life can be possible on Mars or not as several instances have been found that suggests that life can exist on this fourth planet of the universe. Recent discoveries have propounded that instinct of a small marble is found on the ground of Mars. This new discovery has added new dimensions both veiling and unveiling new concepts and theories towards the research to locate life on the Mars.

The Mars Rover Curiosity have recently taken pictures that depicts the presence of a small unknown element lying amon
gst the known red dusty soil and coarse rocks. Some scientist claims it to be a marble, but the most acceptable justification is that it is none other than the Spherule present in Mars, which most obviously is understood to come into formation when the volcanoes discharge molten magma rock into the atmosphere.

On 20th December 2016 a black and white picture was captured that denotes the same ball like figure on the previous place, which suggest that it not has been removed from its place due the action of some weathering agent and also portrays that the previous picture that was taken was not wrong. However, some changes were found as the surrounding of that dark, small object was found to be covered with rocks and dust.
MARBLE on Mars_2

This current picture of Mars was initiated by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover, which has been trying to unfold the reality of this fourth planet discovering new foundations related to the surface of Mars since 2011 using highly advanced technologies and cameras.

The images captured till date claims this unidentified object as none other than a Spherule that is more likely to be present on Martian ground.

Several theories have come up related to this unknown object which should be considered before reaching to a conclusion that when molten magma rock was sprayed from the volcanoes due to utmost pressure from the interiority of the earth or from the meteors present in the atmosphere was delivered into the real world perhaps there long time measure was the formation of these spherules or marble like small and dark objects. Some other suggests that these Spherules were formed when the groundwater was ejaculated through porous rocks leading to a chemical reaction that would form these small balls precipitated from iron minerals.

MARBLE on Mars_3
Most favorably the scientists have addressed it as a Martian Spherule instead of considering it as a marble or life sustaining object. To this the question arises what is this Martian Spherule? The scientists have also found an answer to this as it can also be referred to as Blueberries because of the presence of a bluish tinge. This theory regarding Mars was discovered in 2004.

Many expeditions have been carried to reveal the truth behind the most ambiguous planet. But, still no concrete grounds have been prepared on which any conclusion can be forged. Just like the dilemma behind the truth of this censored object detected on Mars.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mysterious Tiny Mummy Stuns Experts

Tiny Mummy
A Tiny Human Mummy Stuns the Experts at KIMS

The Egyptian mummies have been a subject of scrutiny and study by scientists and historians for hundreds of years. The study of these mummies reveals a lot of facts about the era of Pharos. Recently a study was conducted in the UK and it simply stunned the experts when they discovered the truth about a tiny Egyptian mummy. This mummy was long thought to be the preserved remains of a hawk, but is actually a human baby. This human baby mummy was a part of Maidstone Museum Collection and was studied by the Computerized Tomography. The study was conducted at Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery, and the results literally astounded the experts.
Tiny Mummy_2

Mummy of a Miscarriage baby

The Collections Manager of the museum Samantha Harris remarked that the scans conducted at KIMS revealed the fact that it was the mummy of a human baby. Further studies conducted also proved that it was the mummy of a miscarriage baby, a 20-week gestation fetus. It is a one of a kind discovery as it is the youngest human mummy to be unearthed. The CT scan actually gave the experts the opportunity to run tests on the mummy. It is believed to be a 2,300 years old mummy, and no damaged has been caused by the scans and tests. Harris also explained that it was only because of the technology which helped identifying and learning about the mummy. Without access to such a technology it was have been impossible to study the baby without causing irrevocable damage from unwrapping.
Tiny Mummy_3

Speculations of Mummy Being a Love Child

This rare discovery has led to a few speculations that the mummy could have been the love child of an Egyptian pharaoh. However, a spokesman of Maidstone Museum remarked that no such evidence has been found to support this speculation. The museum also stated that further conservation and research will be undertaken to care and respect the mummy as a human child. They consider it their duty to maintain highest standards of ethical responsibility in order to preserve the remains of the mummy. Following the results of this research, another study was conducted on a Maidstone Museum mummy called Ta-Kush, and the results were equally remarkable.

Tests on Other Ancient Remains

The tests conducted on Ta-Kush not only revealed evidence of wisdom teeth, but also helped the experts conclude her age. They also found evidence of a wedge fracture in vertebrae, a symptom which showed that the patient suffered a downward impact. At first the experts though that Ta-Kush was 14 but later tests proved that she was in her mid 20’s. Other tests are being conducted in Liverpool John Moores University to help reveal additional details about this young female mummy. It has been officially declared that the university will further research and conduct additional tests to reconstruct the mummy’s face.

Considering the results of these tests, another research was done on an Egyptian ram’s horn, which was scanned at KIMS hospital. The experts found that it was filled with objects like buttons and necklaces belonging to the Victorian Era.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Could We Live Inside The Moon?


Lava Tubes – Offer Shelter for Long-Lasting Lunar Base

According to a study of networks of lava tubes that tend to twist beneath the lunar surface proposes that they could be much bigger and stable than otherwise presumed. As per researchers displaying the tunnels which has been left from volcanic activity during the moon’s early life, are of the belief that they could probably be up to three miles wide, which has raised the hope for underground bases.

The lava tubes that have been discovered in Iceland and Hawaii tend to be massive tunnels that have been engraved out of the rock due to flowing lava. Some of the geologists are of the opinion that they have been created from steams of magma that ran dry, leaving the channels through the solid rocks.

Scientist are certain that the same structures would probably be located under the lunar surface depending on minute gravitational changes as well as images of openings of caves collected from lunar orbiteers. Should the lava tubes found tend to be stable, they could offer shelter for long-lasting lunar base which would be beneficial in overcoming issues regarding potential hazards envisaged by a base on the surface, inclusive of the risk of meteorites together with the increased solar radiation owing to the lack of protective atmosphere.

Structurally Stable

Researchers from Purdue University in Indiana utilised computer modelling procedures in analysing how huge these tunnels could probably grow. The conditions, on Earth would mean that the tubes tend to be frequently limited to 30 metres across though the gravitational evidence recommends on the moon could be much larger.

With the use of estimates of rock density from moon rock samples, it was presumed that the width of the tubes could be trice the time wider than their height. The conclusion revealed that the stability was based on the width of the tube, the thickness of the roof as well as the physical stress on the rock.

The researchers had explained in a paper to be published in the journal Icarus that if adequately deep, the conditions of the lunar could probably generate caverns of kilometres wide. They further explained that `the theoretical maximum size of a lunar lava tube depends on various factors, though given sufficient burial depth (500 m) and an initial lithostatic stress state, the results indicate that the lava tubes up to 3 miles (5 km) wide could be capable of remaining structurally stable’.

Lunar Base – Twice a Commercial Mining Base

The evaluations surpasses the earlier sizes placed forward by the group during the 2015 conference which had indicated that the tubes 0.6 miles (1 km) in diameter would be adequately stable in housing permanent bases below the surfaces. NASA scientists, earlier in the year had calculated that there was a possibility of returning to the surface of the moon within the next five to seven years at a total cost of around $10 billion.

In sequences of paper the experts of spaceflight had debated the costs of building lunar bases would be much less than anticipated with a substantial commercial value there. They state that a lunar base could be twice a commercial mining base enabling the resources of the moon to be exploited. According to the evidence, it indicates that the moon could be a rich source of water ice, rare metals together with rare isotope of helium.