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The Death of Lord Darnley

Lord Darnley

Mysterious Death of Henry Stuart – Lord Darnley

The mysterious death of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley has perplexed Scottish history researchers till date. Darnley belonged to a family which gave him claims to the Scottish as well as English thrones through family bonds with James II of Scotland and Henry VII of England.

 When Darnley was young, he enjoyed his childhood which was bestowed to the few privileged during the 16th century. At the age of 20, in February of 1565, he had travelled to Scotland and had the opportunity of meeting QueenMary who was besotted with him. According to one chronicler it is said that `she took well with him and said that he was the lustiest and best proportioned long man that she had seen’. They were married that July and Darnley became King of the Scots.

Very soon it became obvious that he could not handle himself royally and became foes due to his bad temper, drunkenness and arrogant manner. Mary herself got tired of his company and the couple were often separated though they seemed to get along well to have a son, James who later would rule Scotland as well as England. Their unsteady marriage seemed to continue since Mary was a Roman Catholic and divorce was not permitted. She may have resorted to an alternative solution.
Lord Darnley_1

Huge Explosion at Kirk o’Field

The couple had been staying at Kirk o’Field a large church house in Edinburgh in February 1567 when in the early hours of the 10th were heard two huge explosions that were heard for miles around the place. The Kirk had been almost destroyed.

Later on it had been determined that two barrels of gunpowder had been placed secretly beneath the bedroom of Darnley, where he had been recovering from smallpox, which according to other sources was syphilis.Many had come over to witness the devastation. However, the body of Darnley was not traceable and after some superficial searching by the people, a soldier had located the remains of Darnley together with a servant on the grounds of the Kirk.

On examination, it had been obvious that the death wounds inflicted on Darnley and his servant had not been from the explosion. It seemed that the two of them had been strangled after the gunpowder had done its task. Suspicion increased and the noble families of Scotland needed answers to their queries.

Death of Darnley Remained a Mystery

Mary who had been living at the Kirk with Darnley was not there or could have been away at a wedding on that critical night. However the facts could not be overlooked. Someone had placed the gunpowder under Darnley’s room which had exploded thereafter.

 Darnley perhaps had learned of the danger and had fled into the nightwith only his nightshirt on, where his body had been found. It was observed that someone had overpowered and strangled him to death. Those guilty could have been from the Scottish nobles, probably with the Queen being party to the murder who disapproved of the power Darnley exercised or maybe disliked him.

Mary too had her own problems when she escaped to England only to be imprisoned and ultimately executed in 1587 by Elizabeth I and whatever information she had regarding the death of her husband went down with her in the grave.

5 Science Careers That Don’t Require Lab Work

Working in the science field can give you access to fascinating information and unique daily tasks. For many in science, their work in biology, chemistry, or physical science has them working inside of a lab. Some scientific types thrive in this closed off environment, making new discoveries and helping the world improve. For others, lab work can be a limiting, so they need a different type of environment to practice their scientific skills. Here are five careers in science that work outside of labs.

1. Science Teacher

One of the best opportunities to work in science without stepping foot in a lab is to become a teacher. If you graduate with a degree in one of the many fields of science, you can supplement your credentials by meeting the requirements in your state to be an educator. Then, you can be hired to work in secondary education, with either middle school students or high school students in a science class. Each day, instead of working independently in a quiet lab environment, you get to work with a vibrant room of young people.

2. Science Illustrator

Another great opportunity for someone with a science background is to go into science illustrating. Nonfiction books, magazines, and websites all have a need for detailed and accurate illustrations demonstrating various types of scientific thought. Publications in the biological sciences may need illustrators to draw lifelike pictures of animals, humans, or individual cell parts for use in training medical staff. Additionally, those with a background in physics can help illustrate operating manuals for various engineering projects and machinery.

3. Technical Writer

Having a degree in science also puts you in a great position to work as a technical writer. Technical writers use their background knowledge to write scientific papers, instructions, and other complex material related to science, technology, or engineering products. This type of job is a great way to get yourself out of the lab environment and into a traditional office workplace with a diverse group of colleagues.

4. Geographic Information Science Specialist

Next, you can use your scientific knowledge and apply it for a position in geographic information science. Those in this field work with high-quality mapping technology and satellite imagery. Specialists in this subject are often working in the field outside to determine best practices for geographic placement services. They work with the top technologies in their offices as well. USC Online has a top program in geographic information science for those who have an interest in learning more.

5. Patent Law Clerk

Finally, some individuals with a background in science can choose to go into patent law. If you simply have a degree in science, then being a patent law clerk may be an option. If you want to take on more responsibility in this field, then an additional law degree is required to be a patent lawyer. Patent law examines intellectual property, and those in science can use their expertise in their subject to get a better understanding of things such as inventions, new drug formulas, vaccines, and other science-based items that could be up for patent.
Being a scientist doesn’t necessarily mean working in a lab. There are plentiful opportunities in many other settings for those in this field.

Weight of the Human Soul is 21 grams

Human Soul weight

Experiment to Prove Human Soul has Mass – Can be Measured

A rare experiment had been conducted on April 10, 1901 in Dorchester, Massachusetts by Dr Duncan MacDougall to prove that the human soul had mass and hence could be measured. Dr MacDougall a respected physician of Haverhill as well as the head of the Research Society had been performing work in this field for around six years before the experiment.

 Though his experiment presently would be taken as unethical, it tends to be a peculiarity with plenty of disapproval ranging from methodology utilised in different religious implication. Dr MacDougall performed this experiment on six dying patients who had been placed on specially provided Fairbanks weight scales just before their death. His purpose was to weigh each body before and after death in order to determine any differences by the delicate scales.

The patients had been selected depending of their looming death. Two of the patients had been suffering from tuberculosis, one was a woman and 5 were men. Together with a team of four doctors, Dr MacDougall measured the weight of his first patient cautiously before his death. When the patient died he noticed an interesting thing. He observed that suddenly, coincident with death, the beam end dropped with an audible stroke hitting against the lower limiting bar and remaining there with no rebound.

Loss – Ascertained to Three-Fourths of an Ounce

The loss had been ascertained to be three-fourths of an ounce. The experiment was also conducted on the next patient with the same results. Dr MacDougall sensed that had struck something strange. The following is a quote from the New York Times articles of 11 March 1907 capturing the historical moment : `The instant life ceased the opposite scale pan fell with a suddenness that was astonishing – as if something had been suddenly lifted from the body.

Immediately all the usual deductions were made for physical loss of weight and it was discovered that there was still a full ounce of weight unaccounted for’.Each of the five doctors had taken their own measurements, comparing their results. Though all the patients had not lost the same weight, they did lose something which could be accounted. The results of only four of the six patients could be accounted for owing to mechanical failures or the patients dying before the test equipment were in place.

Consistent Weight Loss - Query

However the consistent weight loss posed a query. Everything from the air in the lungs to bodily fluids had been taken in consideration but there did not seem to be any explanation to this query. However on the third patient, an interesting variation took place, who had maintained the same weight immediately after his death though one minute thereafter he had lost around an ounce of weight.

Dr MacDougall had clarified this discrepancy as - `I believe that in this case, that a phlegmatic man slow of though and action, that the soul remained suspended in the body after death, during the minute that elapsed before its freedom. There is no other way of accounting for it and it is what might be expected to happen in a man of the subject’s temperament’.

After the experiment and in consultation with the other members of the team, it had been certain that the average weight loss of a person was three-fourth of an ounce and the conclusion drawn by Dr MacDougall was that a human soul weighed 21 grams.

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French Female Astronaut Screamed Warning about Aliens before Attempting Suicide

Disturbing Video – Earth Must Be Warned’

A disturbing video has portrayed the first French female astronaut who seemed to have screamed stating `Earth must be warned’ before she attempted suicide. Claudie Haignere – 59 is said to have been restrained after she had been screaming the eerie caution before going into a coma. Towards December 2008, it was reported that Claudie had been hospitalised due to overdose of sleeping pills.

It was revealed that she had been found conscious though had to be restrained while screaming before going into a coma.Claudie had held responsible the incident on `burnout syndrome and is presently the director of the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industries which is the largest science museum in Europe.

But alien fanatics were of the belief that was making attempts in warning the Earth regarding life in the outer space and the video on YouTube that is narrated by a voice of a robot is said to be a conspiracy which is a mixture of fact and fiction.

Duration of six minute YouTube conspiracy film by UFOmania had come emerged recently investigating her story which had been watched almost a million times. Scientist Claudie had been a backup crew member for the 1993 Mir Altair mission that had included Jean-Pierre Haignere, her future husband.

Asteriod 135267 Named after Claudie & Husband

In 1996 she managed to make it to the Mir space station as a part of the Russian French Cassiopee mission and became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station in 2001. Asteroid 135268 Haignere has been named after Claudie and her husband. Claudie had entered French politics after retiring from space work and had worked as minister delegate for research as well as new technologies between 2002 and 2004 and from 2004 to 2005, ministered delegate for European affairs.

However in spite of her great efforts, the budgets for scientific research were censored.She worked in a biology lab at the Pasteur Institute on leaving politics. It is said that Claudie attempted suicide in 2008 and the rest is said to be made up and constantly seems to reappear on conspiracy forums as on David Icke’s website.

 Besides this, her laboratory where she had been working at the forefront of human/alien DNA research had been destroyed by fire. The video tends to utilise quotes from real reports by news agency AFP though they have been taken out of context with more information.

Mysterious Death of Conspiracy Theorist

There has not been anything like human/alien DNA research since they had not encountered any aliens. Whenever anything tends to occur to a prominent UFO expert, Claudie story frequently pops up and the mysterious death of Max Spiers, a conspiracy theorist in October could have generated the latest interest. Spiers had been found dead at his friend’s house in Poland on a sofa after several days of warning his mother to `investigate’ if anything tends to happen to him.

 Friends state that he had vomited a black liquid just before his death. In another alien news, a supermoon stargazer in Surprise Arizona is said to have caught UFOs on camera wherein the cameraman claims to have seen two objects that moved by the supermoon, seem to be of alien origin. The cameraman of the video which had been uploaded by the Rondomon YouTube channel stated that `after zooming in on the moon, he walked away and sure enough, UFOs began flying by. The UFO seemed to have distortion all around them probably bending light’.