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Saturday, January 21, 2017

King Solomon’s Mines, Latest Findings

King Solomon’s Mines
In Israel Archaeologists have unveiled a Jewish State which seems to be ancient in its origin. Tel Avis’s University’s researchers have discovered the reminiscence of a well carved out, fortified military Valley in Timna which is in the southern part of Israel. These sites have been associated with the mines of a legend, called King Solomon since long time. The technique involved in terms of its Dating reveals its structure, and the smelting camps of copper seems to provide protection and researches say that it must have about 3000 years old. All this evidences adds much resources to the stories regarding King Solomon and King David.

In the Old Testament we do not get any detailed description about the mines of King Solomon. But references regarding the military conflicts that took place in the Arava Valley between Israel and Edomites is present. As per the Bible, it is believed that David travelled several miles away from the periphery of Jerusalem and then engaged himself in conflicts with the military in the desert region and alone managed to win victory over 18,000 Endomites in the Valley of Salt.

We have found differences regarding their measures of defense, that have turned out to be really progressive and fortified. We can make out how hard it would have been to carve out an effective defensive measure that too in such a remote valley. But, King Solomon had entirely been evaded in the same manner just like his treasures. There isn’t any deliberate prove of the presence of King Solomon as per the archaeologists. As they didn’t find any sort of seal or an inscription projecting his name that will second his existence.

But, evidence in favor of the Timna Valley throws light on several stuffs. The Valley which is very hot, and is a wasteland have turned out to be really very informative for the archaeologists. As in between the dirt and sand, they managed to find out many pieces of clothes, rope and food that seemed to have preserved since ages. They have also discovered that an Egyptian temple of 13th Century BC.

The archaeologists also found evidences of a society with very important developments in terms of several organizations and power structure. The only disadvantage that the archaeologists suggested was that the people in King Solomon’s reign lived in tents, so much evidences could not be found. But, if they had lived in proper houses or have been dealt in terms of industry instead of only being engaged with mining and smelting, then the facts could have been easily available by excavating.

One of a very respected archaeologist from US have projected that during his excavation he discovered vast works of copper which suggests the place’s valediction of being called King Solomon’s mines. Thus he proved the existence of the mines of King Solomon, which was a major discovery that helped several other archaeologists and historians who came later and based their excavations depending upon this valuable discovery of King Solomon’s Mines.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mysteries behind Queen of Sheba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The King Solomon answered all the questions raised by the Queen of Sheba but a little is known about this Arabian queen. In reality we don't know what was her real name, and whether she ever lived ? There were so many tales and stories figured in middle east and Africa.

In Bible she was mentioned as queen of Sheba but was not her name. In Arabian and Persian tales and also in Quran her name was Bilqis. According to Bible's old testment (Book of Kings) The queen of Sheba heared about the great wisdom of King Solomon and gone to Jerusalem to test his knowledge but there is no description about her riddle questions.
I wish to mention few of the riddles raised by her to King Solomon. The queen showed Solomon two identical roses and asked him to find the real rose. The wise ruler then with the help of the honey bees found the right flower.
She raised another riddle in that she asked to tell her what it was , ere seven go out , nine come in, two mix the drink and one drinks? The king answered correctly that this was mensturation which last for seven days pergnancy last for nine months, the motheres two breasts and the one infant nursed by her respectively.

Now we certainly know that Yemen that situated in the south eastern corner of Arabian peninsula was her kingdom. Then what was the reason behind her to2000 KM strenuous journey to Jerusalem? Was it out of simple curiosity about the wisdom of the foreign ruler? Really there were so many substantial reasons behind her travel.

The king Solomon control of middle eastern trade endangered Sheba's lucrative trade of incense and Myrrh. According to Bible Queen Sheba's visit was successful in this regard. They entered in to an trade agreement. For that sake She gave him precious stones, perfumes,fragrance oils and 120 hundred weight of gold.

While the old testment speaks out their mutual respect and esteem. Kebra ngast (Glory of King) an Ethiopian nation's epic written in 14th century tell as the love affair between Solomon and Queen Sheba!? It tells you more, Menelik the first king of Ethiopia was their son. But Jews legends tell us a different story and they describe her as evil demon,