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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Radio Signals Traced to Galaxy Billions of Light Years Away

radio signals form galaxy
The search for the extra territorial life isn’t new and it has been theme of a number of science fiction literature. The common theme showcased in discovering the life in space is to send or receive radio signals back from life far away in the galaxy. Over the years of extensive research astronomers are confident enough to pinpoint a number of fast radio signals burst which in coming from the deep space. Radio signals happens to be the best or most sophisticated way of sending information about our planet and to get relatively quick response if it is intercepted from someone lurking in the space. Now scientists and astronomers are confirming that they had received some radio signals from the planets billion light years away from Earth.

The signals from deeper space

The radio signal bursts emerged from the space is extremely short lived which blasts nothing more than a millisecond. This makes it extremely difficult to track and process even given the current scientific and technologies tools but scientists of hopeful of making progress in near future. Scientists are making use of Very Large Array present in New Mexico which is specifically a multi-antenna telescope. This telescope will help in determining the precise location of the radio signal flash.

This group of scientists originated from the McGill University in Montreal and Cornell University in New York. They had already published the finding in the reputed science journal called Nature. They had also presented the very same finding at the annual conference of American Astronomical Society in Texas which left everyone spellbound with the success made by the team. The approximate location of the emerging radio signal bursts has been named as FRB 121102 by the scientists.

On the path to success

FRB 121102 is being studied over six months by the scientists and it has helped in pinpointing its exact position in the galaxy. One of the scientists associated with this research at Cornell University named Dr. Shami Chatterjee has stated that the radio flashes coming from this location is emitting huge amount of energy which is visible even from 3 billion light years, though the reason behind these bursts is mystery for the scientists to unravel.

It has been speculated by the scientists that the burst is a result of jets of matters shooting out of a black hole. Such instances has been seen in the past where an exploding backhole can appear like shiny object in the galaxy with the ability to been billions of light years away. While some scientists believe it to a magnetar closed surrounded with wide amount of debris from a stellar explosion. Since 2007about 18 FRB has been discovered by the astronomers and scientists. FRB 121102 is unique as it is continuously showing bright bursts along with weaker radio emissions coming from its region. If their finding brings some more details regarding the burst of radio signals then they will move further towards uncovering the presence of life in the space.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

UFO Hunters Claim to Have Found a MARBLE on Mars

MARBLE on Mars
 Scientists and Astronauts are still trying to figure out whether life can be possible on Mars or not as several instances have been found that suggests that life can exist on this fourth planet of the universe. Recent discoveries have propounded that instinct of a small marble is found on the ground of Mars. This new discovery has added new dimensions both veiling and unveiling new concepts and theories towards the research to locate life on the Mars.

The Mars Rover Curiosity have recently taken pictures that depicts the presence of a small unknown element lying amon
gst the known red dusty soil and coarse rocks. Some scientist claims it to be a marble, but the most acceptable justification is that it is none other than the Spherule present in Mars, which most obviously is understood to come into formation when the volcanoes discharge molten magma rock into the atmosphere.

On 20th December 2016 a black and white picture was captured that denotes the same ball like figure on the previous place, which suggest that it not has been removed from its place due the action of some weathering agent and also portrays that the previous picture that was taken was not wrong. However, some changes were found as the surrounding of that dark, small object was found to be covered with rocks and dust.
MARBLE on Mars_2

This current picture of Mars was initiated by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover, which has been trying to unfold the reality of this fourth planet discovering new foundations related to the surface of Mars since 2011 using highly advanced technologies and cameras.

The images captured till date claims this unidentified object as none other than a Spherule that is more likely to be present on Martian ground.

Several theories have come up related to this unknown object which should be considered before reaching to a conclusion that when molten magma rock was sprayed from the volcanoes due to utmost pressure from the interiority of the earth or from the meteors present in the atmosphere was delivered into the real world perhaps there long time measure was the formation of these spherules or marble like small and dark objects. Some other suggests that these Spherules were formed when the groundwater was ejaculated through porous rocks leading to a chemical reaction that would form these small balls precipitated from iron minerals.

MARBLE on Mars_3
Most favorably the scientists have addressed it as a Martian Spherule instead of considering it as a marble or life sustaining object. To this the question arises what is this Martian Spherule? The scientists have also found an answer to this as it can also be referred to as Blueberries because of the presence of a bluish tinge. This theory regarding Mars was discovered in 2004.

Many expeditions have been carried to reveal the truth behind the most ambiguous planet. But, still no concrete grounds have been prepared on which any conclusion can be forged. Just like the dilemma behind the truth of this censored object detected on Mars.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Could We Live Inside The Moon?


Lava Tubes – Offer Shelter for Long-Lasting Lunar Base

According to a study of networks of lava tubes that tend to twist beneath the lunar surface proposes that they could be much bigger and stable than otherwise presumed. As per researchers displaying the tunnels which has been left from volcanic activity during the moon’s early life, are of the belief that they could probably be up to three miles wide, which has raised the hope for underground bases.

The lava tubes that have been discovered in Iceland and Hawaii tend to be massive tunnels that have been engraved out of the rock due to flowing lava. Some of the geologists are of the opinion that they have been created from steams of magma that ran dry, leaving the channels through the solid rocks.

Scientist are certain that the same structures would probably be located under the lunar surface depending on minute gravitational changes as well as images of openings of caves collected from lunar orbiteers. Should the lava tubes found tend to be stable, they could offer shelter for long-lasting lunar base which would be beneficial in overcoming issues regarding potential hazards envisaged by a base on the surface, inclusive of the risk of meteorites together with the increased solar radiation owing to the lack of protective atmosphere.

Structurally Stable

Researchers from Purdue University in Indiana utilised computer modelling procedures in analysing how huge these tunnels could probably grow. The conditions, on Earth would mean that the tubes tend to be frequently limited to 30 metres across though the gravitational evidence recommends on the moon could be much larger.

With the use of estimates of rock density from moon rock samples, it was presumed that the width of the tubes could be trice the time wider than their height. The conclusion revealed that the stability was based on the width of the tube, the thickness of the roof as well as the physical stress on the rock.

The researchers had explained in a paper to be published in the journal Icarus that if adequately deep, the conditions of the lunar could probably generate caverns of kilometres wide. They further explained that `the theoretical maximum size of a lunar lava tube depends on various factors, though given sufficient burial depth (500 m) and an initial lithostatic stress state, the results indicate that the lava tubes up to 3 miles (5 km) wide could be capable of remaining structurally stable’.

Lunar Base – Twice a Commercial Mining Base

The evaluations surpasses the earlier sizes placed forward by the group during the 2015 conference which had indicated that the tubes 0.6 miles (1 km) in diameter would be adequately stable in housing permanent bases below the surfaces. NASA scientists, earlier in the year had calculated that there was a possibility of returning to the surface of the moon within the next five to seven years at a total cost of around $10 billion.

In sequences of paper the experts of spaceflight had debated the costs of building lunar bases would be much less than anticipated with a substantial commercial value there. They state that a lunar base could be twice a commercial mining base enabling the resources of the moon to be exploited. According to the evidence, it indicates that the moon could be a rich source of water ice, rare metals together with rare isotope of helium.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Watch the Earth Change before Your Eyes


Landscapes/Features of Earth Undergone Dramatic Change

Several of the landscapes and features of the Earth have undergone a dramatic change since 1984. Google has made its prime update to Time-lapse with addition of four years of imagery, big amounts of new data together with a sharper view of the Earth from 1984 to 2016.

Latest images by Google’s Time-lapse application portrays how the features comprising of Alaska’s Columbia glacier and Dubai’s extensive cityscape tend to have drastically progressed in the last 32 years. Its Time-lapse visualisation of Earth, had first been released by Google in 2013, offering the most comprehensive image of our changing planet, made available to the public.

The communicating time-lapse experience permits people in exploring changes to the surface of the Earth like never before from observing the sprouting of Las Vegas strip to the retreat of Alaska’s Columbia glacier. Moreover, it enables user in exploring a variety of compelling locations much further than 1984. For instance, in London, one can make out the progress of the City Airport and the Olympic stadium in Stratford. On zooming in on the Aral Sea it portrays how it has been drying since the 1960s owing to Soviet irrigation programmes.

New Time-lapse Show Sharper View of Planet

If the date is moved to 2007, the volume of the Aral Sea seems to be reduced to about 10% of its original size. For the time being, over the past three decades, Alaska’s Columbia Glacier is observed to have retreated over 12 miles.Another city which has undergone drastic changes since 1984 is New York.

 In comparison to 1984 to 2016, it shows how much progress has been made around the Central Park area and Brooklyn. Programme Manager at Google Earth Engine, Chris Herwig, had commented that `in leveraging the same techniques were used in improving Google Maps and Google Earth back in June, the new Time-lapse showed a sharper view of our planet, with truer colours and less distracting artefacts’.

He further informed that using Google Earth Engine, they had combined over 5,000,000 satellite images, approximately 4 petabytes of data in creating 33 images of the complete planet, one for each year. He added that for the latest update, they had access to more images from the past due to the Landsat Global Archive Consolidation Program together with fresh images from two new satellites, namely Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2.

USGS/NASA - Landsat

The 33 new terapixel global images were then encoded into just over 25,000,000 overlapping multi-resolution video tiles, making interactively explorable by Carnegie Mellon CREATE Lab’s Time Machine library, which is a technology in creating and inspecting zoomable as well as pannable time-lapses over space and time.

In order to explore the feature, one could type in the name of a place in the search bar and move the timeline towards the bottom in opting for the year one would prefer to view. Images had been initially collected as part of constant joint mission between the United States Geological Survey –USGS and NASA known as Landsat.

 The Landsat mission’s satellites since the 1970s had been observing the Earth from space. The images have been sent back to Earth and archived on USGS tape drives which is an achievement that is much stress-free with the present digital technology than with analog tape in the 1970s. In order to make this historic archive of earth imagery available online, Google began working with USGS in 2009.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weight of the Human Soul is 21 grams

Human Soul weight

Experiment to Prove Human Soul has Mass – Can be Measured

A rare experiment had been conducted on April 10, 1901 in Dorchester, Massachusetts by Dr Duncan MacDougall to prove that the human soul had mass and hence could be measured. Dr MacDougall a respected physician of Haverhill as well as the head of the Research Society had been performing work in this field for around six years before the experiment.

 Though his experiment presently would be taken as unethical, it tends to be a peculiarity with plenty of disapproval ranging from methodology utilised in different religious implication. Dr MacDougall performed this experiment on six dying patients who had been placed on specially provided Fairbanks weight scales just before their death. His purpose was to weigh each body before and after death in order to determine any differences by the delicate scales.

The patients had been selected depending of their looming death. Two of the patients had been suffering from tuberculosis, one was a woman and 5 were men. Together with a team of four doctors, Dr MacDougall measured the weight of his first patient cautiously before his death. When the patient died he noticed an interesting thing. He observed that suddenly, coincident with death, the beam end dropped with an audible stroke hitting against the lower limiting bar and remaining there with no rebound.

Loss – Ascertained to Three-Fourths of an Ounce

The loss had been ascertained to be three-fourths of an ounce. The experiment was also conducted on the next patient with the same results. Dr MacDougall sensed that had struck something strange. The following is a quote from the New York Times articles of 11 March 1907 capturing the historical moment : `The instant life ceased the opposite scale pan fell with a suddenness that was astonishing – as if something had been suddenly lifted from the body.

Immediately all the usual deductions were made for physical loss of weight and it was discovered that there was still a full ounce of weight unaccounted for’.Each of the five doctors had taken their own measurements, comparing their results. Though all the patients had not lost the same weight, they did lose something which could be accounted. The results of only four of the six patients could be accounted for owing to mechanical failures or the patients dying before the test equipment were in place.

Consistent Weight Loss - Query

However the consistent weight loss posed a query. Everything from the air in the lungs to bodily fluids had been taken in consideration but there did not seem to be any explanation to this query. However on the third patient, an interesting variation took place, who had maintained the same weight immediately after his death though one minute thereafter he had lost around an ounce of weight.

Dr MacDougall had clarified this discrepancy as - `I believe that in this case, that a phlegmatic man slow of though and action, that the soul remained suspended in the body after death, during the minute that elapsed before its freedom. There is no other way of accounting for it and it is what might be expected to happen in a man of the subject’s temperament’.

After the experiment and in consultation with the other members of the team, it had been certain that the average weight loss of a person was three-fourth of an ounce and the conclusion drawn by Dr MacDougall was that a human soul weighed 21 grams.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

French Female Astronaut Screamed Warning about Aliens before Attempting Suicide

Disturbing Video – Earth Must Be Warned’

A disturbing video has portrayed the first French female astronaut who seemed to have screamed stating `Earth must be warned’ before she attempted suicide. Claudie Haignere – 59 is said to have been restrained after she had been screaming the eerie caution before going into a coma. Towards December 2008, it was reported that Claudie had been hospitalised due to overdose of sleeping pills.

It was revealed that she had been found conscious though had to be restrained while screaming before going into a coma.Claudie had held responsible the incident on `burnout syndrome and is presently the director of the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industries which is the largest science museum in Europe.

But alien fanatics were of the belief that was making attempts in warning the Earth regarding life in the outer space and the video on YouTube that is narrated by a voice of a robot is said to be a conspiracy which is a mixture of fact and fiction.

Duration of six minute YouTube conspiracy film by UFOmania had come emerged recently investigating her story which had been watched almost a million times. Scientist Claudie had been a backup crew member for the 1993 Mir Altair mission that had included Jean-Pierre Haignere, her future husband.

Asteriod 135267 Named after Claudie & Husband

In 1996 she managed to make it to the Mir space station as a part of the Russian French Cassiopee mission and became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station in 2001. Asteroid 135268 Haignere has been named after Claudie and her husband. Claudie had entered French politics after retiring from space work and had worked as minister delegate for research as well as new technologies between 2002 and 2004 and from 2004 to 2005, ministered delegate for European affairs.

However in spite of her great efforts, the budgets for scientific research were censored.She worked in a biology lab at the Pasteur Institute on leaving politics. It is said that Claudie attempted suicide in 2008 and the rest is said to be made up and constantly seems to reappear on conspiracy forums as on David Icke’s website.

 Besides this, her laboratory where she had been working at the forefront of human/alien DNA research had been destroyed by fire. The video tends to utilise quotes from real reports by news agency AFP though they have been taken out of context with more information.

Mysterious Death of Conspiracy Theorist

There has not been anything like human/alien DNA research since they had not encountered any aliens. Whenever anything tends to occur to a prominent UFO expert, Claudie story frequently pops up and the mysterious death of Max Spiers, a conspiracy theorist in October could have generated the latest interest. Spiers had been found dead at his friend’s house in Poland on a sofa after several days of warning his mother to `investigate’ if anything tends to happen to him.

 Friends state that he had vomited a black liquid just before his death. In another alien news, a supermoon stargazer in Surprise Arizona is said to have caught UFOs on camera wherein the cameraman claims to have seen two objects that moved by the supermoon, seem to be of alien origin. The cameraman of the video which had been uploaded by the Rondomon YouTube channel stated that `after zooming in on the moon, he walked away and sure enough, UFOs began flying by. The UFO seemed to have distortion all around them probably bending light’.

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Theory: How Earth Got Its Moon

How Earth Got Its Moon

Origin of Moon – Impact Theory

The moon is extremely important to the Earth that provides the source for several calendars which tends to affect the tides of ocean. Many have been questioning on how it got there. A team of scientists have now utilised complex modelling in order to propose a new theory which involves violent collision that tends to vaporize much of the planet. Lead researcher, Matija Cuk had mentioned in a news release that in spite of smart people working on this issue for 50 years; they have still been discovering the basic things regarding the earliest history of the world.

The results published in the journal Nature had been co-authorised by scientist at the University of California, Davis, Harvard University, the University of Maryland and the SETI Institute, an organization which is recognized better for its attempt in locating alien life and where Cuk is said to be a researcher.

The origin of moon, had been the `impact theory’ for decades as one of the leading explanations, It is said that billions of years ago, Earth and Mars sized protoplanet known as Theia had collided. The wreckage had formed a ring round the equator of the Earth and had been ultimately drawn together by gravity thus forming the moon.

Debris of Theia

The moon could have been developed much nearer to Earth and ultimately moved farther away. According to Davis, senior author Sarah Stewart, professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, had informed CBC News that this idea had come around before computers could do detailed simulations of planet formation. Computer simulations now portray that the impact could have developed the moon mainly out of the debris of Theia though scientists are of the opinion that the Earth and moon tend to have unusually identical chemical makeups. Stewart states that it really puts a brake on the giant impact hypotheses.

Moreover, if the moon had been formed from the debris surrounding the equator, presently we would expect it to circle alongside the equator and the fact is, its orbit is tilted five degrees. Astronomer and co-author Douglas Hamilton of the University of Maryland had mentioned in a statement that this large tilt seems to be very unusual and till now there has not been a good explanation for the same. However it can be understood if the Earth had a more dramatic early history than suspected earlier.

Higher Energy Effect

The collision, under the new, tweaked theory could have taken place at a much sharper angle and could have been more powerful. Stewart commented that it takes a lot of energy to change an orbit. The latest model recommends a much higher energy effect which could have been much more violent that it vaporised not only Theia but the Earth also.Molten and vapour material may have shaped a huge cloud, about 500 times the extent of the present Earth.

Some of the material may have cooled and could have fallen back to Earth and the remaining may have designed the moon. The bigger collision could have been much more powerful and at that angle that it could have hit the rotational axis of the Earth between 60 and 80 degrees causing the planet to spin speedily that days could last only two hours.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jacuzzi of Despair That Kills Almost Anything That Swims Into It

Jacuzzi of Despair

Jacuzzi of Death – Massive Brine Pool – Gulf of Mexico

One of the oldest places on the planet is said to be the `Jacuzzi of death’ which had first been found in 2014, as a massive brine pool beneath the Gulf of Mexico by utilising a robosub. They have now returned to develop the first resolutions map of the location stating that it could hold the key in locating life on the other planets.

According to Discovery News after an earlier visit to the location, the researchers had mentioned in Oceanography that they had focused on a larger brine pool on the last leg of the seafloor hydrocarbon community studies with regards to its warm temperature together with high salt content which could be deadly to several macro fauna unfortunate to fall in.

They had come across large dead isopods as well as crab which had been preserved along the edge of the brine pool. They informed that the crater-like circular, brine-filled pool rose about 3 m above the surrounding seafloor, and brine had been spilling out on one side in a spectacular waterfall. Erik Cordes, associate professor of biology at Temple University who had located the site together with many other colleagues stated that it had been one of the most amazing things in the deep sea.

Technology Development in Deep Sea – Applied to Worlds Beyond

They stated that one goes down to the bottom of the ocean and seems to be looking at a lake or a river flowing and feels like you are not on this world. Cordes who has been studying deep sea coral together with the others had first discovered the formations in 2014 by utilising remotely operated underwater robot known as Hercules.

The following year, they had returned with the three-person research sub Alvin in order to get a closer look. Their latest research has now been published and the team retrieved some of the samples of microbial life which are improved in handling the high salinity together with the low oxygen intensities of the brine pool.

Cordes is also of the belief that these creatures may be similar to life on planets in the solar system or even beyond. In May, he informed Seeker that there are many people looking at these dangerous habitats on Earth as replicas for what could be discovered when they go to other planets. The technology development in the deep sea will certainly be applied to the worlds beyond our own.

Brine Pool Saturated with Methane

The main reason of revisiting the brine pool was intended to conduct a high resolution mapping survey of the location. The team mentioned that the top layer of the brine pool seemed to have very high salinity with a temperature of 7.8 degree Cent. Beneath the layer they discovered dense, hydrocarbon charged fluidized mud with a temperature of 19 degree Cent.

They further informed that the sampling line as well as the CTD had been lowered to ~19 m in the pool though it did not reach a hard bottom, providing new insight on the nature of these bottomless brine pools. The initial analyses confirmed that the brine pool had been saturated with methane. The team are now hoping to return with the expectation of creating 3D maps.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Instinct a Complex Behavior


Instinct – Inclination of Creatures, Complex Behavior

Innate behavior or instinct is the inclination of a living creature towards a complex behavior and stimulus. It is behavior which is inherited rather than learned and the simplest example of an instinct in behavior is FAP or fixed action pattern wherein a small to medium length sequence of action minus variation can be carried out in response to a clear define stimulus.

We could say that when a person tends to fight often, he seems to be having an aggressive instinct while the person may not be born with the inclination to fight. An instinct is inherited when an inborn pattern of behavior which is characteristic of species tends to response to specific environmental stimuli. Instinct could also be defined from a reflex that could be a response of an organism to a certain stimulus like the contraction of the pupil when faced with bright light or spasmodic movement of the lower leg when tapped at the knee.

They are the inborn complex reactions to behavior which may exist in members of the species though the absence of volitional capacity should not be mixed with an incapability to modify fixed action pattern. Some examples could be used wherein people may be capable of modifying a stimulated fixed action pattern by recognizing consciously the point of its activation and tend to stop doing it while animals with the absence of strong volitional capacity would not refrain from their fixed action patterns once they are activated.

Behavior Instinctive – Expression of Innate Biological Factors

Behavior could be instinctive if the same is performed without being connected with prior experience and can be an expression of innate biological factors.Instinct is innate which means that instinctive behaviors together with responses are present and complete in individuals at birth. The individual need not go through a series of experience in order to learn such behaviors.

A simple example could be taken from fish that has the innate ability to swim while most of the mammals need to learn how to walk. It is easy to identify innate behavior when animals portray it at birth though in some cases this behavior may show up later on in life. In these circumstances, improvement in the creatures’ ability to carry out an innate behavior may show that the creature is learning though another process is being done. When someone acts instinctively, we say his act is done without deliberation or thought but on an impulse.

Knowing/Believing/Feeling – Instinct

Knowing, believing or feeling something instinctively is something that we do not recall of having learned or even been instructed but it is the knowledge, belief or just feeling that came up within us. When someone that has an instinct for stage direction or mathematics means that they are by nature good in performing in that sphere of action. A maternal or creative instinct is referred to behavior which seems to be the expression of a deep characteristically human urge.

When a person acts out of an instinct of revenge, it is his revenge which becomes his motive. When some person acted blindly without any explanation of why they could have acted in a certain way or what was the purpose of the action, that type of a behavior is said to be done by instinct.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mysterious Dark Shape Appeared Over Peru


Footage of Dark Object among Clouds – Resemblance to Star Wars Space Craft

A spaceship image has been capturedby a cameraman while he filmed a time-lapse video of the sky in Peru and the footage of the dark object seems to be among the clouds which had been uploaded to YouTube by the Mexican group Misterio Canal, which was translated to Mysterious Channel.Misterio Canal has described themselves as a group from Mexico who seem to love mystery and collect videos.

The groups’ description mentions `that we must elucidate that not all that we publish what we take for granted and not take so much for false, only publish what we find interesting and that you have the last word and that we love the debates, let us open our minds together’.

A large outline with a striking resemblance to a Star Wars space craft had been seen moving in the sky though users rapidly shot down the video stating that it had been a cloud. But the majority of the people are doubtful of it being Star Wars brought to life recommending it was either a bogus video or just a dark cloud. Misterio Canal had inscribed that `Shocking if true would confirm that we are guarded by extra-terrestrial intelligence or existing experiments related to this type of technology on our planet.

Alien Activity Caught on Tape

A cameraman had left his video equipment recording the sky to generate a power time-lapse effect. According to the UFO fans, the footage which seems to show a cloudy sky was in fact portraying an enormous airborne machine. Marked above the town of Frayser, Tennesse, USA, was the clip actually portraying a jaw dropping large craft which looks out fleetingly from behind the cover of the cloud.

An expert from Secure Team 10, on showing the clip for the first time had questioned his audience saying `so did you see it?’ Mr Schneider had recorded the footage near his house and had sent it to the American based group of experts. They have commented that `they are your cause for the best in new UFO detection videos, data on the government cover-up and alien activity caught on tape’.

Talking regarding the footage of Mr Schneider, he had commented that the source had stated that for days straight he had been hearing some very peculiar sounds, loud growing sounds in the sky that had no description. He had been looking around in the sky and searching on the internet on several occasions and was unable to see or find anything.

Spectators Influenced – Proof of Extra-terrestrial Activity

He further added that when he had first looked at it, he did not see a thing. He could only see clouds, trees blowing and was looking really hard but could not see a thing. However after viewing the still images and getting it pointed out, he was amazed as he spotted the craft.

He commented that on closer view, he saw momentarily what seemed to be a huge machine like structure moving in the sky, which only for a moment broke through the clouds. In spite of scientific explanation of the weather phenomenon, several of the spectators seem to be influenced that it was proof of extra-terrestrial activity.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Scientists ‘Confirm’ Life after Death Exists with Ground-Breaking Study


New Study – People Experience Awareness – 3 Minutes After Death

According to some experts, consciousness tends to continue even when the heart of a person seems to stop. Death is said to be an unavoidable significance of life, though scientists are of the belief that they could have discovered some insight at the end of the tunnel. In a study of over 2,000 people, the British scientists have confirmed that thought continues after death and at the same time revealed substantial evidence of an out-of-the-body experience for a patient who had been declared dead by doctors.

The scientists believe that the brain tends to cease all activity, 30 seconds after the heart seems to stop pumping blood in the body and awareness tends to stop at that very time. However, research from the University of Southampton, suggest something else. According to the new study, people continue to experience awareness for around three minutes after death.

Head researcher, Dr Sam Parnia had commented that `contrary to perception, death is not a definite moment but a possibly reversible process which occurs after any severe illness or accident, causing the heart, lungs and brain to stop functioning. If attempts are made to reverse this procedure, it is considered as `cardiac arrest’. However if these attempts are not successful it is known as `death’

Experience Not of Awareness but Fear

From the 2,060 patients that had been interviewed from Austria, America and the UK for the study, who had lived after cardiac arrests, 40% stated that they were able to remember some form of awareness after being confirmed clinically dead.

Dr. Parnia had clarified the implication stating that `this suggests more people may have mental activity at first but then lose their memories after recovery, either owing to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory recall. Only 2% of the patients had described their experience of being stable with the feeling of an out-of-body experience, which is the consciousness one tends to feel almost totally aware of the surroundings after death.

About half of the respondents of the study stated that their experience was not one of awareness but fear. Probably the most substantial discovery of the study was that a 57 year old man was of the belief of being the first confirmed out-of-the-body experience in a patient.

Hallucination/Illusion – Occur Before Heart Stops/Restarted

On suffering from a cardiac arrest, the patient had revealed that he was able to recall what had taken place around him with strange precision after momentarily dying.Dr Parnia had commented that this is momentous since it is frequently presumed that the experiences with regards to death are possible hallucination or illusion which tends to occur before the heart stops or after the heart has been successfully restarted.

However it is not an experience matching with `real events when the heart is not beating. In this stage, the consciousness and the awareness seem to take place during the three minute span when there is no heartbeat.

This is paradoxical since the brain typically stops functioning within 20-30 seconds when the heart stops and does not resume again till the heart is revived. Moreover, in this case the detailed recollection of visual awareness was steady with verified events.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet – Inscribed with Secrets of the Universe

The Emerald Tablet is considered to be a tablet of green stone or emerald which has been inscribed with the secrets of the universe. The foundation of the original Emerald Tablet is not known and so it has been encircled by legends.

One of the most common legend states that the tablet had been found in a caved tomb beneath the statue of Hermes in Tyana which was grasped in the hands of the body of Hermes Trismegistus, while another legend suggest that it was the third son of Adam and Eve, according to Seth who had originally written it. Still others are of the belief that the Emerald Tablet had once been held within the Ark of the Covenant and still others claim that the original source of the Emerald Tablet is the fabled city of Atlantis.

Though numerous assertions have been provided with regards to the origin of the Emerald Tablet, so far there is no confirmable evidence which has been supportive of them. The oldest documentable source of the text of the Emerald Tablet is the Kitab sirr al-haliqi, – Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature, which had been a composite of the earlier works.

`Balinas’ of Pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana

This had been an Arabic work which had been written in the 8th century A.D., attributing to a `Balinas’ of Pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana. It was Balinas who had provided us with the story of the Emerald Tablet that had been revealed in the caved tomb.

 Established on this Arabic work, some are of the belief that the emerald Tablet had been an Arabic work that had been written between the 6th and 8th centuries AD instead of a piece of work from ancient times, according to several others.

 Though Balinas state that originally, the Emerald Tablet had been written in Greek, the original document which he possessed does not exist anymore, possibly if it ever existed at all. However, the text became very popular and has been translated by many over the centuries.

For example the early version seemed to be in the work known as the Kitab Ustuqus al-Uss al-Thani – Second Book of the Elements of the Foundation, which is credited to Jabir ibn Hayyan. It would take many more centuries before the text could be accessible to the Europeans. The Emerald Tablet had been translated into Latin by Hugo von Santalla in the 12th century.

Significant Text in Medieval/Renaissance Alchemy

The Emerald Tablet was an extremely significant text in Medieval and Renaissance alchemy and is still till date. It could have become one of the pillars of Western alchemy. Besides translations of the Emerald Tablet, various interpretations have been written with regards to its contents.

 A translation for instances, by Isaac Newton had been found among his alchemical papers which is presently held in King’s College Library in Cambridge University. Notable researchers of the Emerald Tablet comprise of Roger Bacon, John Dee, Albertus Magnus and Aleister Crowley. The reading of the Emerald Text is not a straightforward stuff since it a section of obscure text.

 For instance, one version suggests that the text defines seven stages of alchemical transformation, namely calcination, dissolution, separation, conjunction, fermentation, distillation and coagulation. Nonetheless, in spite of the different clarifications that are available, it is said that none of their authors have claimed to possess knowledge to the complete truth. Moreover, the readers have been motivated to read the text and attempt to understand and discover the hidden truth by themselves.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Devil’s Footprints

Devil’s Footprints

The Devil’s Footprints – Mysterious Footprints in Snow

An old legend regarding a visit to Devon by Satan has been rekindled after a great grandmother revealed a set of mysterious footprints in her snow laden back yard. The Devil’s Footprints had been the name given to a phenomenon which had taken place in February 1855 around the Exe Estuary in East Devon and South Devon, England. Trails of hoof like marks had appeared after a heavy snowfall covering a distance of around 40 to 100 miles.

The footprints had been so called since some of the people were of the belief that they had been the tracks of Satan as they were apparently made by a cloven hoof. The incident had taken place on the night of 8-9 February 1855 and probably one or two nights later after heavy snowfall where a series of hoof-life marks seemed to appear in the snow.

The footprints are said to measure around four inches long, three inches diagonally between eight and sixteen inches apart and in a single file. They were reported from more than thirty locations all over Devon and a couple in Dorset.The space where the prints seemed to appear extended from Exmouth to Topsham and through Exe Estuary to Dawlish and Teignmouth.

Investigators Cynical About the Tracks

In 1890, an article published in Notes and Queries by R.H. Busk stated that the footprints had appeared further afield towards the south to Totnes and Torquay. Besides this, there were two more reports stating that the prints were seen as far away as Weymouth- Dorset as well as Lincolnshire. They seemed to be made by something which seemed bipedal and have cloven hooves.

According to legend, the hooves tend to cut right through the snow and almost to the ground below as though they had been burned there. The people were frightened especially by the prints which had appeared to stop right at the threshold of their homes and several of them were afraid of leaving their home with the belief that the devil himself had been wandering all over Devon looking out for sinners.

Several explanations had come up regarding the incident where some investigators seemed to be cynical that the tracks extended over a hundred miles debating that no one would be capable of following their entire course in one day.

Descriptions of the Footprints Differ

Another reason for scepticism according to Joe Nickell was that the description of the eye witnesswith regards to the footprints seemed to differ from person to person. On the night of March 12, 2009, additional strange marks matching to those left in 1855 were located in Devon. Reasonable investigation portrayed similar markings.

Rumours of identical strange, obstacle-unheeded footprints occurred in other areas of the world though none seemed to be of such a scale like those of the Devil’s Footprints. On the high mountains of that elevated district where the Glenorchy, Glenlyon and Glenochay tend to be adjoining, there have been instances on several occasions during winter, tracks of animals on the snow which have been unknown presently in Scotland.

The print is said to be a precise resemblance of a foal of substantial size though with a small difference. But since no one had the opportunity of a glimpse of the creature, not much can be said of its shape or dimension. The footprints seemed to remain unexplained till date though some have provided some reasonable explanations.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Mystery of Space Roar


ARCADE – Scientific Instrument Package Sent in Space – Helium Balloon

Early in July 2006, ARCADE – Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics and Diffuse Emission, a scientific instrument package had been sent in the air through a Helium Balloon. Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility of NASA in Palestine Texas had been the point of launch and had reached an altitude of 120,123 feet at the point one would call `Space. A research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, Dr Alan Kogurt who was also the head of the ARCADE team had been looking for unusual Radio Emission which are rather challenging to monitor on ground level due to the increased Radio noise found on the ground.

 The radio emissions stemming from space has been known since the discovery by Nikola Tesla and probably Karl Jansky. It is said that there is a fragment and uniform radio emission which is believed to have been the result of the Big Bang, Cosmic Background Radiation. Dr Kogurt had been hoping to find confirmation of the Cosmic Background as well as a few new radio emission points and what he found was one of those historic `Wow Moments’ in his scientific research. What he has learned is noted in his own words `The universe really threw us a curve’. Instead of the faint signal we hoped to find, here was this booming noise six times louder than anyone had predicted’

NASA Discovered `Space Roar’

NASA found something known as `Space Roar’ which is a sound that is six times louder than anything one could have ever expected. It is a signal that has been discovered by NASA’s ARCADE instrument that is presently without any explanation.

In space no one could hear you scream since there is no medium through which sound can move. Space roar is not actually a sound but it is radio waves. Space roar had first been discovered by ARCADE and has a very fancy name for some very fancy equipment which NASA had attached to a big balloon which was sent into space. ARCADE had intended to look for radio signals from distant galaxies.

Since radio is so commonly used and also utilised in creating auditory signals, it seems easy to overlook that it is just another form of light. It is much less energetic than the visible light where our eyes are not accustomed for it though it tends to behave in the same manner.

Intended to Pick Faint Radio Signals of Distant Stars

A star releasing radio waves is not much different from the sun releasing visible light. Actually to someone far away or far in the future, the sun possibly is emanating primarily radio waves.ARCADE, when sent out in space was intended to pick up the faint radio signals of distant stars. Instead it received strong blare of radio and the input has been described as `boom’ by those who have been researching on it.

After some research done, the idea had been ruled out that it had been just very loud early stars. They also ruled out that it was coming from the dust of our own galaxy and was just a blast of radio, - `space roar’ which seemed to be part of the background noise with no explained reason. Though space roar has vexed the interest of several, there is yet no explanation for the same.

Friday, August 5, 2016

What is Geocaching


Geocaching – Outdoor Entertaining Action

Geocaching is said to be an outdoor entertaining action wherein the participants tend to utilise a Global Positioning System – GPS, receiver or a mobile device together with other navigational systems for hiding and seeking containers known as `geocaches’ or `caches’ at definite places which have been marked by co-ordinates all across the world. Geocaching could be a great stimulus in getting outside and doing some exploring, to get some kind of exercise and get to know about location which one may have never visited.

Geocaching could be considered as a high-tech treasure hunt where the task is to find a geocache, subtly hidden by other player utilising a GPS in guiding the player to the location of geocache utilising coordinates obtained from a geocaching website. When one had obtained the geocache’s location, you then have to depend on your senses in searching for and locating the geocache that is constantly concealed and at time well imperceptible.A distinctive cache is said to be a small waterproof container comprising of a logbook where the geocacher tends to enter the date they found it and signs it with their well-known code name.

Combine Technology with Adventure & Nature

On signing the log, the cache should be placed back precisely where the person had found it. Bigger containers such as plastic storage containers, or ammunition boxes could also have items for trading like toys or trinkets, usually of emotional value than financial. Geocaching tends to share several aspects with trig pointing, benchmarking, orienteering, letterboxing, treasure-hunting and way-marking.

Geocaching can be a real-world; outdoor treasure hunting game with the use of GPS enabled devices where the participants tend to navigate a specific set of GPS coordinates attempting to locate the geocache container concealed in a location. It is said to be a popular, fun filled, inclusive and healthy pastime for people of all age group and is also great for groups like classes, families, friends and youth groups which tend to work as a team. The sports tend to combine technology with adventure and nature, which is a combination that some of the individual had thought would be impossible.

Fundamental Guidelines

The fundamental of the sports comprise of utilising a hand held GPS receiver unit in guiding the individual toa location where the hidden container or a cache is stored. Once located, one could log the visit in an included logbook and optionally trade one of the several contained `treats’ for one of your own. Though always evolving, geocaching tends to follow a few fundamental guidelines which are:

  • Refrain from placing caches on private land without consent or in national parks or wilderness areas 
  • Do not encroach on reserved property without consent to reach a geocache 
  • Do not include offensive or inflammatory substance in a cache 
  • Observe a philosophy of `tread softly’ and Leave No Trace
Geocaching and GPS tend to go hand in hand and even the most simple of unit is adequate in tracking down the location of a geocache. However to get a visual knowledge with the area one intends to navigate, a map is essential. Your GPS could show you the straight line between two points, though unless the way points of the route has been preloaded in your unit, the map could only show you the path between you and your location.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Does This Picture Show A Man's Soul Leaving His Body?


Image of Fatal Accident – Ignited Assertion of Soul Leaving Body

An image of a fatal crash site has ignited assertions that the soul of the victim can be seen leaving his body. Paramedics together with concerned onlookers were seen standing surrounding the victim after he had been involved in an accident on Tuesday in Kentucky. In this weird image something which tends to be a shadow is seen floating above the state trooper’s hat. Witness Saul Vazquez had taken a photograph from a distance, capturing a strange shadow which seemed to be floating above the body of the victim.

The unidentified man had met with an accident on the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway in eastern Kentucky and had been rushed to a nearby hospital following the crash where he had been declared dead due to his injuries. Saul had posted on Facebook stating `I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck, it was an mishap between Campton and Stanton on the service road just off the Mountain Parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay’. Saul had captured the strange moment while passing the site of the accident, in his truck.

Captured a Supernatural Moment

Several had commented that it looked like the man’s soul was leaving his body, after he had posted it on Facebook. One person had mentioned that he thinks there’s a person that passed away, looking down on his own body while another commented that in moments of great hardship, there is spirit of soul and that he’s a believer.

 It is said that whenever people tend to meet up with tragedies, in their own lives or in the lives of others, they frequently tend to make sense of it all. Several are of the opinion that a Kentucky man captured a supernatural moment when he had taken a picture of a deadly motorcycle crash earlier in the week. The images seemed to portray the faint outline of a figure hovering over the accident scene and the man involved in the motorcycle crash had breathed his last at the hospital.

Grey Form Seen Rising Above the Scene

Saul had not immediately responded to CNN’s request but had informed CNN affiliate WLEX that the photo had not been altered. The photograph portrays the scene of the crash with the law administrations and paramedics around the scene of accident. Above them and in the midst of two ambulances, an indistinct grey form is seen rising above the scene.

 Television anchors have speculated that it could be a spirit ascending to the next plane or probably an angel which could have been snapped by a lucky traveller as he drove past. But this photograph does not display a spirit or an angel though what is most possible is an erratically shaped piece of dirt which could have been stuck to the lens or the camera’s internal sensor.It is said that dirt or dust on the sensor of a camera adopts a greyish and uncertain appearance in a photograph

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Josephus Problem


Josephus Problem – Theoretical Problem

The Josephus problem in computer science and mathematics is a theoretical problem associated to a definite counting-out game where people tend to be standing in a circle waiting to be executed. Josephus Flavius was the famous Jewish historian of the first century during the era of the Second Temple destruction. It is said that during the Jewish-Roman war, he together with 41 soldiers had been trapped in a cave and surrounded by the Romans.

According to legend the Jews had decided to form a circle and go around it to kill every third remaining person. The counting started at an indicated point in the circle and continued around the circle in a stated direction wherein after a certain number of people had been skipped, the next person was said to be executed.

 This process was repeated with the ones remaining in the circle beginning with the next person and going in the same direction; skipping the same number of individuals till eventually only a single person was left and was freed. In the Jewish rebellion against Rome, Josephus and his companions had been holding out against the Romans in a cave and with defeat impending, they had decided that like the rebels at Masada, they would die rather than be slaves to the Romans.

Highly Addictive Mystery

They had then planned to arrange them in a circle and one person had been designated as number one which proceeded clockwise killing every seventh person. As per the story, Josephus besides other things was an accomplished mathematician and hence he quickly figured out where he should be, in order to be the last to go.

However when the time came, he joined the Roman side instead of killing himself. The Josephus problem is said to be a highly addictive mystery if ever there seemed to be one. A comparatively well-known arithmetical riddle which tends to crop up frequently in general mathematics as well as in computer science, is part of the family of demolition problems.

The historical dimension of the story tends to pique interest and seems complex in resisting the attraction of obtaining more details on how the hero seemed to save his life during those days.

Medieval Version of Josephus Problem

This historical context enables us to scale the skill of Josephus Flavius in the situation in which he found himself holed in a cave being aware that any flaw would end up in losing his life which is barely favourable to a serene mind in need of solving a cerebral problem which had involved a circle of 41 men.

A Medieval version of the Josephus problem includes 15 Turks together with 15 Christians on board a ship caught in a storm which would sink unless half the passengers were thrown overboard. All 30 of them seemed to stand in a circle and every ninth person is said to be thrown into the sea. In another version the roles of the Turks and the Christian are switched.

In A Foundation for Computer Science, Concrete Mathematics, Graham, Knuth and Patashnik have described and studied a typical variant – Determine where the last survivor tends to stand should there be `n’ people to begin and every second person is removed.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System


The Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System is said to be a system under development by the United States Navy for launching carrier-based aircraft from aircraft catapult utilising a linear motor drive rather than the conventional steam piston drive.

It utilises computer controlled, solid-state electrics in propelling an armature down a track. The main benefit of the system is that it enables a more graded acceleration encouraging reduced stress on the airframe of the aircraft. Other benefits comprise of lower system weight together with a probable lower cost as well as reduced maintenance needs. Owing to its flexible architecture, the electromagnetic aircraft launch system has the ability to launch a wide variety of aircraft weights and can also be utilised in various platforms with contradictory project structures.

The design is said to include the capability of launching aircraft which tend to be heavier or lighter than the conservative system could accommodate. Besides this, the system needs much less of fresh water thus reducing the requirements of energy-intensive desalination. The age of steam seems to have ended; at least as far as US aircraft carriers are concerned since at Newport News Virginia, the USS Gerald R Ford (CVN 78) had successfully test fired a revolutionary Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System – EMALS.

Higher Launch Energy/More Reliable/Mechanically Modest

This tends to replace the steam catapults since the 1950s, which had been the standard carrier equipment. The test has made a precise splash since it involved an unmanned dead-weight sledge instead of an aircraft that landed around a hundred yards off the bow of the yet under construction vessel. The so called Ford, the first of her class will be the first US navy ship, carrying the electromagnetic launchers and though it would be utilised on all upcoming carriers it would not be retrofitted to existing vessels.

Being under development for more than 25 years and manufactured by General Atomics, EMALS is said to be the first new carrier project technology in 60 years indevelopmentof real-world application.The EMALS has been designed to substitute the steam-powered launch system which had been the standard on strike carrier for a long period.

As per the Navy, EMALS is said to have the potentials of being utilised by a wide selection of aircraft, is near-silent as well as enjoys smoother acceleration together with a much more consistent launch speed. Moreover it also tends to have higher launch energy, seems to be more reliable, mechanically modest and is easy with regards to maintenance.

Substantial Advantages over Present Launch Systems

EMALS has been tested in the first phase of ACT testing which had ended in 2011 and had included 134 operated launches of aircraft, comprising of the F/A-18E Super Hornet, T-45C Goshawk, C-2A Greyhound, and E-2D Advanced Hawkeye together with the F-35C Lightning II. The second phase had seen the launches of the EA-18G Growler and F/A-18C Hornet. Overall 452 operated launches had been piloted.The substantial advantages over present launch systems provided by EMALS comprise of:

  • Reduced operating and life-cycle cost 
  • Reduced thermal signature 
  • Increased launch working capability for operated, un-operated aircraft 
  • Reduced topside weight 
  • Reduced installed volume

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rediscovering Arabic Science

Arabic Science

Saudi Aramco World Magazine – Fascinating Folder on Arabic Islamic Science

The Saudi Aramco World magazine had published in May-June 2007 a fascinating folder on Arabic Islamic science. The folder comprising of 20 pages has many articles exemplified with rich iconography together with informative explanatory captions. From this all-inclusive coverage a long article on Rediscovering Arabic Science has been republished by Richard Covington, a journalist based in Paris who had collaborated with many newspapers and Medias. He had gone through specialized literature making interviews with historians of Islamic science for the purpose of gaining knowledge on the topic.

His production became quite comprehensive covering all the main phases of the scientific as well as the technological tradition of Islam. Readers will get to enjoy the republishing of this piece of scholarship with evidence in an easy readable style regarding one of the most wonderful pages of the civilization of Islam as well as the richest episodes of the history of science.

On probing a case of rare manuscripts, the dapper Lille University professor launched a mini lecture with the rapt group. Nasir al-Din al-Tulsi, the 13th century Persian astronomer and the author of one of the yellowing Arabic language texts, overturned the geocentric Greek view of the universe.
Arabic Science_4

Medieval Arabs/Muslim Scientists – Ahead of Europe

For most of the westerners, and for several Arabs, the remarkable successes of Arabic language science right from the 8th through the 16th centuries seemed as a surprising detection as though unknown continent had abruptly appeared on the scene. The medieval Arabs as well as Muslim scientists, doctors, scholars and mapmakers were way ahead of Europe in astronomy, mathematics, medicine, optics, cartography, evolutionary theory, physics and chemistry.

Centres for scientific research as well as experimentation occurred across Muslim domains namely in Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shiraz, Isfahan, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada and Istanbul. Generations of science historians had once prohibited Islamic accomplishment and one critic, Pierre Duhem; the French physicist had even accused Muslims of attempting to destroy classical science in his 1914-1916 historic analysis – Le Systeme du Monde (The System of the World). Others had declared that the language of the Arab was not suitable for science, opposes Roshdi Rashed, the dean of the Islamic science in France.
Arabic Science_2

Ancient Science Come Back to Europe Through Arabic Translation

Rashed, a former fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, professor emeritus at the University of Paris and editor of the three-volume Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science, commented that `otherwise well-respected scholars like Ernest Renan and Paul Tannery excluded even the possibility of an Arabic contribution to science’.

Arabic Science_1
Most of the ancient science seems to come back to Europe through Arabic translation that was later translated into Latin and other languages. Some important texts such as Ptolemy’s Planisphere, commentary of Galen on Hippocrates’ treatise Airs, Waters, Places and the concluding chapters of the third-century BC mathematician Apollonius’ book on conic sections prevail due to the Arabic translation, since the original Greek manuscripts had all been missing.

However as per astrophysicist Jean Audouze, director of the French National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, it is said that the Arabs were not just transmitters of Greek concepts, but were the creators in their own individual right.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dark Web

deep Web

Dark Web – Small Section of Deep Web

The dark web is said to be the World Wide Web content which occurs on darknets, covers networks used by the public Internet but which needs specific software, configuration or authorization for accessing. It tends to form a small section of the deep web, the part of the Web which is not indexed by the search engines. However at times the term `deep web’ seems confusingly used in referring precisely to the dark web.

The darknets that create the dark web comprises of small friend-to-friend peer-to-peer networks together with large popular networks such as Freenet, I2P and Tor which are operated by public organizations as well as individuals. Operators of the dark web tend to refer to the regular web as the Clearnet owing to its encrypted condition. The Tor dark web could be considered as onionland, a reference to the top level domain suffix of the network .onion and the traffic anonymization technique of onion routing.

Around 10% of the network known as the Internet is perceptible to the overall public. Unseen beneath the virtual waterline is a tangled as well as a secretive network called the Deep Web. Unindexed by search engines, which is accessible with only special browsers like The Onion Router – Tor, the Deep Web of peer-to-peer connections enables users to share files directly and secretly.

Dark Web

Tough Application to Privacy

It tends to have a tough application to privacy advocates who have taken advantage of the deficiency of tracking in shielding their anonymity from advertisers as well as officials. Edward Snowden, whistle-blower utilised the Deep Web in gathering much of the information which took him in a worldwide debate. Journalists across the globe are coming to terms in relying on it as a more secure choice to the public Web while searching for sensitive or dangerous information.

However the secretive nature of the network has made it a harbour for convicts of different stripes, operating in almost everything right from illegal drugs to child pornography. In 2013, an online market place, The Silk Road, driven by Internet currency Bitcoin, ruled the headlines when authorities succeeded in closing it down. The site had a status as the Internet’s go-to-destination for illegal drug sales and its end produced a crowd-sourced documentary from actor Alex Winter and a multitude of successors anxious to capitalize on the fall of their known sibling.
Dark Web_1

Future of Deep Web – Dar as Its Complex Tangles

Companies like the AT&T which is anxious to review; track as well as control activity within its uncertain borders seemed to be working diligently in bringing about light to the corners of the Deep Web. The government officials together with the law enforcement agencies are concerned regarding the piracy; illegal trafficking and the leaks are in the strange position of endeavouring to police the same wild netherworld they tend to depend on for their own secret operations. But the scandals and secrets would be finding their way to the dark parts of the Web and even though the future of the Deep Web tends to be dark as its complex tangles, it would tend to remain a portion of Internet tradition for years.