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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Life at Cochin University

Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is an autonomous science and technology university in Cochin, Kerala, India. It is a government owned university. It has three campuses: two in Cochin and one in Kuttanad, Alappuzha.

The university gives degrees in engineering and science subjects at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. About 6520 students are engaged yearly in the undergraduate and postgraduate program at the university. CUSAT is placed among the best universities in the world. The CUSAT Results decide the quality of placements at the institute.


The motto of the university is "Tejasvinavadhithamastu", which means, "May the wisdom accrued deify us both — the teacher and the taught - and percolate to the universe in its totality" which is taken from the Vedas.


The university has three campuses in total:
  •  At Cochin, 
  • At Pulinkunnu, Kuttanad. 

Main Campus (Trikakkara Campus) 

The main campus is in Kalamassery. It is an 180-acre campus which consists of the Administrative office, the Central Library, Computer Centre, departments, labs, workshops, School of Engineering's, canteens, guest house, hostels, and playgrounds etc. The Administrative office facilitates and coordinates all the activities of the departments. The Central Library which is fully computerized is a central source of information for the academic block of the CUSAT. The Computer Center provides free internet service to the students. The campus has the buildings of the other departments. The SOE campus has divisions of engineering, labs, and workshops. The Siberia campus block consists of classrooms for engineering as well as a new lab building (NLB) which has department centers and labs. The campus has a Triveni Coffee House as well and other canteens. There are three men's hostels and they are: Siberia, Sarovar and Sanathana — and five women's hostels and they are: Aishwarya, Anashwara, Athulya, Anaga, and Ananya.

 Lakeside Campus 

The Lakeside Campus is about 12 km away from the Main Campus and is set in Cochin City. It consists of the School of Ocean Science and Technology, School of Industrial Fisheries, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Chemical Oceanography, Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics and Department of Physical Oceanography. The School of Marine Sciences consists of a library that is regarded as the largest marine science libraries in Asia and a research section for coastal water studies. The school has an academic section as well with other universities and research institutes in India and outside.

Pulincunnu Campus 

The Pulincunnu campus is in Kuttanad that is 65 km away from the Main Campus. It is the house for the Cochin University College of Engineering, Kuttanad ( CUCEK) and the Cochin University College of Computer Applications (CUCCA). The campus has scenic beauty, temples, and churches.


Cochin University has hostel accommodation for around 600 male and 700 female students that are registered for Undergraduate/ Postgraduate / Research studies.

The Main Campus consists of:
  1.    Sanathana, Siberia, Sarovar and Post metric hostels for boys (Men's Hostels) 
  2.   Aishwarya, Athulya, Anaswara, and Post metric hostels for girls (Ladies' Hostels)  
  3.   OBC Post Metric Hostel for Girls (Ladies' Hostel) 

The Lakeside Campus consists of:
  1.  Cochin University Marine Science Campus Hostel Men's Hostel 

The Campus Cafe is open from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all working days including Saturdays which is easily accessible for the students. A wide variety of South Indian and North Indian dishes are available there. During lunch time Meals are available at very nominal rates for the students.


The physical Education department is functioning in the campus in a very smooth manner. Various sports activities are conducted in the campus with the participation of the colleges from different parts of the state and countries. This helps the students to participate in various activities depending upon their choices.

Student Welfare 

The university consists of the Department of Youth Welfare which is a formal platform to design and implement the youth policies that include the issues related to motivation, participation, promotion and socio-economic and cultural settings within which young people grow up. The Department acts as a driving force for the student and youth community to watch their academic excellence through doing and learning. The department takes care of various aspects of student welfare like students counseling, training, NSS, NCC, government, and nongovernment sponsored youth projects, financial aid & scholarships, health care, games & sports, cultural activities etc.


The university organizes various Cultural Programs and activities. Various cultural events like University Youth Festival, Talent Time, and Anchorage etc. are conducted in the campus with the full participation of the colleges throughout the country.


Almost 90 % of CUSAT B.Tech students have been placed through campus recruitment drive every year. The maximum package offered is Rs 12 lakh per annum and the average annual pay package is Rs 4.82 lakhs.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

MBA Student Loan Consolidation Done RIght

Earning an MBA requires years of study, which could lead to significant amounts of federal and private student loans at the end of your program. You may want to consolidate that debt into one low payment. Doing so could save you more money in the long run as well as significantly slash your monthly payment.
According to Federal Student Aid, “Loan consolidation can greatly simplify loan repayment by centralizing your loans to one bill and can lower monthly payments by giving you up to 30 years to repay your loans.” MBA student loan consolidation programs offer graduates a safe and secure way to replace their existing educational loans with those provided by private lenders. (Source: Reuters)

Generally speaking, loan consolidation is a simple settlement process that can be done electronically or over the phone in about 10 minutes; however, it does require a thorough credit check of the applicant and any applicable co-signers. Only applicants with poor credit history need apply with a co-signer. According to CommonBond.Co, “If you are approved for a loan on your own without a co-signer, then you receive the same low, fixed interest rate as you would if you applied with a co-signer.”

Qualifying applicants must meet the following underwriting criteria:

Be a United States citizen or legal resident
Be a recent graduate
Own student loan
Because applicants are graduates of a participating school, lenders are more likely to approve their application than students who are applying without an established relationship. All approval decisions are made quickly, so you will know right away whether you’ve been approved.
Why MBA Student Loan Consolidation Works for Others and Can Work for You

MBA student loan consolidation works because it helps students straddled with high amounts of student loan debt find a better loan option, which could mean huge savings in the long run. “The MBA Refinance Loan - for borrowers who’ve already graduated from school - has a fixed interest rate of 5.99% and no origination fee and a corresponding APR of 5.99%,” according to CommonBond.Co, a company that puts borrowers in touch with lenders. The website goes on to say, “Borrowers are eligible for a 0.25% reduction in the interest rate by agreeing to automatic ACH withdrawals for repayment. The interest rate is fixed, which means that even if market-based interest rates change, the monthly payment will remain the same.”

These and other refinance terms make benefiting from MBA student loan consolidation easy. All you have to do is sign up, and your refinance terms will not change for the life of the loan—there’s absolutely no guesswork.

View here for MBA loan consolidation info related to your school. You don’t need to make a decision today, but you should at least discover the many ways in which MBA student loan consolidation could work for you. Have a paper and pen to jot down notes, or to simply calculate how much you pay now versus how much you could be paying if lowered your loan payments through MBA student loan debt consolidation.

How Educational Consulting Firm Can Help Students!

Gln consulting
Educational Consulting Firms are Changing the Levels of Knowledge Retention in Classrooms Throughout the United States

Much research has gone into studying how students learn the most in their educational endeavors. While teachers and educational instructors at all levels incorporate testing into their classroom instruction plans to gain an idea of how much information their students have learned over the course materials that have been covered, a lot of the knowledge that is desired for the student to retain is lost. Researchers have found that it is the way the course materials are presented that will determine how long the student will remember the facts that they have learned.

Unfortunately, the teacher or classroom instructor takes the lack of retention their students display as a personal failure in their career. With the studies that researchers have conducted this has been proven that this is not often the reasons behind the lack of knowledge retention. Every student has their own unique way of learning. Scientists have learned that by using a variety of methods to present course materials to a classroom the most success in knowledge retention can be achieved.

Professional organizations such as GLN Consulting and other such educational consulting firms out there have dedicated a lot of time and energy into creating educational programs that teachers can take confidence in. These firms are staffed with highly trained professionals that have a passion to the proactive approach they take to increase the level of knowledge retention students and teachers can expect. Their level of experience allows them to create a well-thought out plan that teachers can use to ensure their students reach those high levels of learning that is intended.

Consulting firms work with all educational levels. Their programs can be customized to meet the needs of educational groups ranging from elementary, middle school, high school, training centers, or even major universities throughout the United States. Concentrating their energy on designing interactive classroom materials students are gaining more understanding in some of the toughest subject matters such as Psychology, Mathematics, Sciences, and other major courses that are necessary for a strong foundation within their desired career path.

Visit or other such sites for reputation educational consulting firms that are available to see how they can turn your educational endeavors into a real success. Having the support from the experts on staff within their prominent companies will provide you with answers for some of the tough questions and concerns many educators have. You will quickly see a change in the success rates of your students once you too have implemented these teaching plans in your classroom.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Does Playing Sports at School Affect Grades?

Did you know that kids who play sports are less likely to struggle with obesity and often lead a more energetic lifestyle than kids who don’t?  But can playing sports at school have an impact on a student’s academic success?  Listed below are some ways in that sports can aid in a student’s in academic performance as well as some ways in which it can become a distraction.

Advantages of Playing Sports While Attending School

More and more research is pointing to sports as having a positive impact on a student’s physical, mental and social well-being, which can also affect his or her academic performance.  Here are some ways sports can affect a student’s ability to perform in the classroom:

Increases Motivation

At most schools, kids who play sports are required to keep their grades at a certain level.  If the student receives low marks, he or she can be held back from playing in the next scheduled sporting event.  For many kids, this  increases their motivation to earn high grades so that they will not be excluded from a game and sit on the sidelines.  The student may also strive to stay involved because he or she does not want to disappoint his or her teammates or coach,  which will be counting on all the team to compete.

Advances Cognition and Improves Focus

Because vigorous exercise has been shown to promote blood flow to the brain, participating in sports may help  improve a student’s mental alertness, learning ability and decision-making.  Research has also shown that a student who plays sports is more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and even score higher on standardized tests than those who do not participate in routine physical activity.

Encourages Strong Self-Esteem and Feelings of Belonging

Playing sports not only encourages strong self-esteem but aids in developing social skills and reinforces the importance of working as a group.  It can also promote feelings of belonging by helping the student to feel part of a team and part of a community.  Students who have strong feelings of self-worth will often feel a deeper need to work harder (academically and otherwise) to keep from disappointing themselves and others.

Disadvantages of Playing Sports While Attending School

Although participating in sports may be a positive experience for most, doing so while earning a diploma or degree can have its disadvantage as well.  Listed below are a few possible drawbacks to consider:

Possible Burnout

The pressure to succeed academically while also trying to do well in a sports activity can lead to major burnout for some.  The student can become tired and distracted due to the demands of practices, games and homework which can lead to loss of focus in the his or her studies.

Risk of Injury

If a student is even moderately injured during a practice or game, he or she can be in danger of missing several days of school, causing him or her to fall behind.  The mental stress of the injury can also be harmful to the student’s academic success as well.

Time Commitment

Between practices and games, participating in a sports activity can take up a large amount time and prevent the student from completing homework or studying for tests.  If the student is held back from games due to low grades, his or her self-esteem can suffer due to peer pressure from teammates and the high expectations of the parents and the coach.

Playing sports can be a healthy and fun way to get exercise and interact with others.  However, it is important to remember that as with any activity, there can be some drawbacks.  If a student decides to play sports while attending school, he or she must strive to find a correct balance of both play and study so that a positive experience can be had both on the field/court and in the classroom.

Sarah writes for Allpro about profossinal sports.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Influence of Math Tuition to O Level Student Grades

Math tuition has had a great influence to most people’s educational lives. To have a better grasp on how quality tuition will help you or your child improve their grades, it is important to note beforehand that math is a relatively difficult discipline; unlike literature and arts, it takes a lot of time and concentration to understand the concepts and hence not likable to most students. However, most applications in life including solving your own financial problems, troubleshooting deadlocks in your career depending on where you work and excelling in other disciplines like physical sciences call for good mathematical problem solving skills.
Sometimes it can be difficult for you to understand certain Math concept in a conventional class since it is not always possible for the teacher to issue the instructions moderately so that they suit the caliber of everyone in the class. Most of the times are those when one feels that they are left behind and need to cover some of the day’s topics alone. This is probably where a maths tuition comes in; which can help you review what you did not understand in a conventional class at a speed which is optimal for your comprehension capabilities. Below are some reasons why people find it easier to solve math problem with the help of a tutor.
How O level math tuition benefits you 
A tutor helps you regain your self esteem and confidence
The major reason why most people fail in mathematics is not because they cannot afford the math tuition fee but because they have lost confidence. Teenagers for instance are known to influence each other where a good number believe that the discipline is difficult. The first thing a tutor does is help you regain your confidence by teaching you the basics and assuring that you can solve just about any problem.
Fewer distractions 
In a conventional classroom, there are several factors which might distract you including your friends. However, private coaching is rendered in a controlled, serene environment where it is unlikely that you will get distracted. This way, it will be easier for you to concentrate on learning.
The tutor helps you do your homework 
It is logical that you will experience difficulties finishing your mathematics homework if you did not understand well in class. One of the responsibilities of a tutor is to help you finish the homework and O elementary maths tuition center is there to guide you . Note that they are not going to solve the questions for you and just provide you with the answers but instead, they provide you will all the tools needed to get the right answers.
You gain valuable skills
Because of time, not everything is taught in a conventional class. With a private tutor however, you have all the time and as you progress, they will start introducing you to skills which a teacher would have expected you to learn on yourself.
Remember, your mathematics grade is one of the things Universities look at while selecting their lot and especially if you want to pursue engineering and other science related courses. Hire a tutor if you feel that your grades are not satisfactory otherwise you might not join the University of your dreams. 

Lauren Wong is one of the tutors at The Educationist - Singpore's premier tuition centre. With years of experience and the highest and most relevant qualifications in engineering subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, she was able to help hundreds of students improve from F9 to A1. The Educationist, after more than a decade of success in helping F9 students achieve "A1"s in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths, is so confident of their unique and effective teaching techniques that they are offering all new students a FREE trial lesson! 

Visit Lauren at or call her at 81-888-009 for more details and to sign up for a free consultation.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Take Your Career To The Next Level: Pursue An MBA

There are very few arguments that seek to dispute the benefits of a good education. These benefits include a higher quality of life thanks to better jobs, careers and subsequently higher salaries. Generally, these benefits are multiplied as the level of education increases. For example, statistics show that high school graduates receive higher salaries and better paying jobs than non-graduates. The same is true for a first degree graduate versus a high school graduate and so on. It should come as no surprise therefore, that more and more persons are pursuing tertiary education programs at the graduate (Master's) level and beyond.

Why Pursue An MBA

A very popular graduate program is that of the MBA (Masters in Business Administration), MBA Toronto program. An MBA is one of the most diverse graduate programs available. Graduate students undertake an MBA course for a myriad of reasons and with varying goal and objectives in mind. As such, there are many specializations and program variations available to candidates. In some cases, candidates can go as far as to tailor an MBA program to suit their needs.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power and some of the other benefits from pursing an MBA reinforce this. In addition to monetary and subsequent lifestyle benefits to be ha d from pursuing an MBA, other benefits include cultivating developed managerial skills, business expertise and an administrative competitive advantage. Developing said skill sets will lead to a more open market for the individual who has them. MBA graduates often have great entrepreneurial skills and go on to have successful careers running their own businesses.

The General Structure Of An MBA

A Laurier MBA Program is often broken down into two distinct years of study. Year one consists of students pursuing basic core courses that are often common to all MB programs. After successfully completing year one, students are then able to specialize in various disciplines for their second year in the program. Students may now specialize in Finance, Executive MBAs, and the like. While business professionals are those usually opting to pursue MBAs, almost anyone with a first degree and or requisite experience or requirements can pursue this study option.

Flexibility: Choosing the Right MBA Program For You

Both part-time and full-time MBA options are available. Many times, programs are designed with the working adult in mind and as such, persons do not have to quit their day jobs to pursue a full-time program. In fact, pursuing an MBA online is a very popular option and many credible schools offer such an option to their students. It is important that candidates ensure that they consider their needs and the requirements of their prospective MBA programs carefully. It is important to choose a reputable program however as this will give weight to you MBA qualifications upon the successful completion of your program. Simply, do some research so as to ensure that the program you are considering in one of the reputable ones in your locale and beyond. This can be done easily online, as well at your local library or University if there is one.

Article written by Barry Perkinson