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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cleopatra and The religious sex customs of ancient Egypt.


           Cleopatra was the first Greek who knows the Egyptian language and only Queen who became the head priestess of the goddess. Here I wish to remained my readers that Cleopatra dressed as the high priestess of the Aset before Marc Anthony (and not dressed as Aphrohite wrongly  recorded by  most historian)

             Cleopatra was loved by the Egyptian not only for her beauty but also for her sexuality. On one occasion Cleopatra is recorded as having performed fellatio on (sucked the cocks) one hundred Roman nobles in one night. The Egyptians not only accepted this but also highly praised that. To become a high priestess of Aset the women first have to sex with at least one thousand different men (here I wish to emphasize different men).  Cleopatra expert this  less than a week that is within ten days (a week in Egypt is of ten days duration). 

          In ancient Egypt sex is the core of the religion. It was the priestess to do its sacred sexual rituals that distinguished their Goddess religion from other forms of feminine worship. In the temples of The Goddess priestesses would conduct sexual rituals for the cleansing of men and the fertility of the property

           In Egyptian language negation meant semen or the male essence (in modern language means negative) in their religion “ritual of negation means the vaginal intercourse with the priestess. During that ritual he ejaculates his semen inside the vagina of the priestess in order to wipe out or negate his sins.

It is the priestess who intercedes on man’s behalf of with Goddess. According to their belief she is the mother of his spiritual life she is the guide in his death and she leads the soul to the Underworld, and she prepares the soul for the rebirth again. Their religion gives spiritual knowledge, love, sex and pleasure isn’t it?