Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Use Nearbuy to Get the Best Deals around You

Nearbuy is a pan-India online marketplace platform in India that allows customers to connect with local merchandise and engage with other 33 cities in India. As a business, Nearbuy allows customers to Discover, Buy and Save on this local merchandize by themselves. It provides ease and relief to people because they can easily visit the site and book something in case of emergencies. It operates in the $26Bn Services Retail market in India and comprises of:
  • Food & Beverage: In this section, a person can order food or drinks from different places like dominos, KFC, CCD, Southy, Jungle Jumbore, and Mad over Doughnuts etc. Nearbuy provides easy delivery and home-delivery services in a unique manner. These sites provide vouchers and discounts regularly that attract the customers. Nearbuy has its offices at various places from where they send these deliveries.
  • Beauty & Wellness: Presently this section has about 148 offers for its customers. It consists of various categories like Beauty & Salon, Hair, Face, Body, and Nails. Various salons and spas are associated with Nearbuy like Monsoon Salon and Spa, Kaira Salon etc
  • Movies & Events: A customer can easily buy tickets for any event or movie via Nearbuy which provided special discounts on these tickets. A customer can book the tickets category wise. Presently this section consists of about 10 offers.
  • Hotels: Customers can easily book hotels for their vacations at relatively lower prices. They can choose the best hotel according to their own needs and demands. A person can choose hotels at various scenes like deserts, Beach, Hill stations etc according to his/her choice.
Business Strategy

Nearbuy does not charge anything from the merchants for listing their services on a particular platform. They only list the services, consumers and prepay for these services. After receiving full payment from a customer, it keeps its commission and transfers the balance amount to the merchant after the product or service is availed.
The commission is about 15-16% of an average, and it ranges from 2% to 25% based on the merchant popularity and categories.
Some of the Nearbuy direct and indirect competitors in India include:
  • deal find
  • Little App
  • DealsandYou
These well-known sites give a tough competition to Nearbuy at every point.
Geographic Markets
Nearbuy has opened its market in about 33 cities of India. By doing this it has made it easier for people to work on their demands easily. These are listed below:


Luck now


Mobile Application

Nearbuy's mobile application works on smartphones (Android and iPhones).This app is available for download through Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This site helps the user to book a hotel, an appointment etc at his/her own ease without any problem.

 Offers on Nearbuy
  • Nearbuy provides coupons. These are available online and have many offers. People can easily book the ticket for movies etc using these coupons.
  • The online application available on the play store has a large number of advantages. People who download the app get some of the coupons free but only at the time of offer.
  • The site has to buy 1 get 1 scheme as well especially on the festive season.
  • Nearbuy provided vouchers of different kinds which people can take benefit of at any time.
  • People can easily fix an appointment at various salons; book a hotel etc easily online without any problem.
  • Nearbuy provides cash-back policy for the customers if they are not happy with the service
Promises made by Nearbuy

It states on its website that it will take back every sale with a no-questions-asked and with money refund in the following conditions:
  • If the purchase fails to live up to a customer’s expectations
  • If the purchase expired before it was redeemed
  • If the buyer changes their mind after purchasing a coupon

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