Monday, September 19, 2016

Hackers Are a Big Issue for the Upcoming Election

There are stories about hackers in the news every day. Brilliant computer geniuses are using their talents to commit crimes. They are usually trying to steal money or personal information to create fake identities to be used for fraudulent scams. However, hackers now have their sights set on a much bigger goal. They are trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election. Needless to say, this is something that would be catastrophic if it were allowed to occur. Fortunately, the United States government has noticed several previous intrusions by hackers they believe to be from Russia. This has caused the government to take steps to cut the hackers off and limit their access to election computer networks. Here are a few ways that hackers are playing a role in the upcoming election.

1. Hackers are leaking sensitive info that is changing the way the election is covered.

One of the biggest stories has been the release of private emails and other sensitive information that could have a huge impact on who people eventually vote for in the presidential election. This is the first time that hackers have been able to use their skills to influence the election coverage on all of the major news channels and newspapers. Not a day goes by when there is not a new story about sensitive data leaks and the ramifications they could have on the election.

2. Hackers are the likely source of crucial data pertaining to the election that Julian Assange plans to release in the near future.

Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks. This is the organization that specializes in leaking sensitive information about politicians and governments that exposes corruption. Assange has claimed on numerous occasions that he has come into possession of a substantial amount of information that could impact the election. He has not been specific about what the data is. Many people in the media believe he received this information from Russian hackers who want to influence the outcome of the election. However, Assange has a strict policy of never discussing who his sources are. He believes that revealing his sources could put them in serious danger. Assange has not given an exact date when he will release the data. He has confirmed that it will be released in four batches after his team has verified its validity.

3. Hackers have targeted the voter registration systems in two states.

The presence of Russian hackers has already been felt in Arizona and Illinois. According to the FBI, both of these states experienced an intrusion by Russian hackers into their voter registration systems. Senator Mike Crapo believes that cyber security should be the biggest concern of the United States leading up to the election. Mike feels that the threat Russian hackers present is very real and should be taken seriously. He is not alone. There are many government officials and cyber security experts who believe that computerized electoral systems and voting machines could potentially be hacked if the proper safeguards are not put into place. Hackers already showed what they were capable of in 2009 when they crashed online business services in Minnesota. Experts believe that this is an example of how vulnerable election systems can be if they are targeted.

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