Saturday, September 19, 2015

HSC English Tutoring Online

Ecriture – French Word for Writing

Ecriture is referred to writing as a social formation and anarrangement of connected text. It is the French word for writing. Writing plays a very important role in the life of an individual which can be expressed both socially and politically. It is helpful in communicating effectively by expression of words and ideas which would make sense to the reader. At Ecriture, enrolment for small group classes for Year 9 and Year 10 English is offered, which is hosted by Dr Niven Kumar.

The study is focused in the preparation for students to move towards senior English studies wherein they will be taught by Dr Kumar on essay writing as well as creative writing skills together with strategies for effective analysis and interpretations of texts. Those interested in taking advantage of English tutor could get in touch and enrol at the earliest, since the seat are limited, comprising of only 5 students per class to provide individual attention to the student and feedback.Students could take the advantage of the provision of IB English tutor Sydney area and around Australia which are available in the option of a class as well as online.

Year 9 & Year 10 HSC English Tutoring Online Sessions

For additional information with regards to the details, viewers could download the brochure and obtain all the essential information. With the small class size, students tend to get the opportunity of coordinating through their prescribed school texts and obtain guidance with regards to structure as well as ideas, related toany school assessment assignments. For Year 9 and 10, ecriture offers HSC English tutoring online sessions as well as organises HSC English tutors in Sydney. Students could get in touch with them for more details and for enrolment purpose.

For NSW Higher School Certificate, English is one of the compulsory subjects wherein the portion is segregated into various levels. Standard and Advanced,each comprise of 2 units of study as well as Extension 1 and 2 with 1 unit each. Advanced is considered as a prerequisite for the study of Extension 1 and the two subjects are a prerequisite for Extension 2.

Australian students who have been residing there for 5 years or less, on reaching Year 12, are considered to be eligible for the ESL course which organizes 2 units of study. Should the student need a HSC English tutor in Sydney or any other area, they could get in touch with them for any help or support.

Their multimedia e-resources are considered to offer support for school English studies with an on flowing resource and hence students could check from time to time for updated information which could be helpful to them. List of face-to-face sessions are also made available and are listed at the site for the benefit of the viewer.

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