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Acambaro Figurines

Acambaro Figures – Statuettes found Mexico – July 1944

The Acambaro Figures are statuettes that have been found, at an archaeological site,in July 1944under the direction of Waldemar Julsrud in Acambaro, in Mexico.Julsrud, a hardware salesman stumbled on the figures when he was riding his horse.

He then hired a Mexican farmer to dig up the figures, paying him for each figure he brought back where eventually the farmer together with his assistant brought around 32,000 figures that represented everything from dinosaurs to peoples from all over the world which included Egyptian, Sumerians as well as bearded Caucasians.

They seem to be small ceramic figures which according to some claim to resemble dinosaurs and at times mentioned as an archaism but there is an overpowering evidence that these figures are a modern ruse. Some are of the belief that these figures could be credible evidence for the co-existence of dinosaurs and humans, a thing which would disprove evolution, offering a literal interpretation of the Bible. However, with no reliable evidence for the validity of these figures of actual ancient artifacts, they are accepted by no reliable scholar of archaeology or palaeontology and the motive of those supporting them are doubtful.

Figures - First-Hand Experience 

Those supporting the Acambaro Figures are of the belief that various pieces of evidence indicate that the figures were not only 6500 – 1500 years old but were also developed from first-hand experience of dinosaurs as well as the cultures which the figure probably represented.

A young earth creationist supporter of the figures, Don Patton, provided what he believes to be accurate radiocarbon dates for the figures varying from 6500 to 1500 years and the labs that provided these dates claim that they were inadequate. However, Dennis Swift is of the belief that once the labs had discovered what they were dating, they withdrew their original dates to keep up with the agenda of the science community of suppressing the real knowledge.

 Several supporters mention various individual’s actual accounts of the excavation and the medium from which the artifacts have been unearthed. As per Swift, he has informed that the spaces around the figures were clearly an ancient section and if the figures had been planted as a hoax, there would have been some evidence of disrupted sections.

Appearance of Figures Being Ancient – Doubtful 

The Acambaro Figures based on the widely used line of support indicates its resemblance to the dinosaurs that features in Robert Bakker’s book DinosaurHeresies and is claimed to resemble these figures to the drawing and is evident that the figures were made from first-hand experience. The figures seem to be too accurate to be anything other than first-hand representations.

The circumstances from which the figures appeared, seems to be doubtful. Julsrud who claims to have paid the farmers for every figure they brought him provided a motive for them to create their own figures and disguise them as ancient artifacts. As per DiPeso, he observed that the surface of the figures were brand new and showed no evidence of being in the ground for at least 1500 years. Had they been authentic artifacts, there would have been scratched and marred from the rocky soil which is characteristic of artifacts found at the Mexico site.

Moreover, those probably digging up these artifacts were inexperienced people. Archaeologist Charles C. DiPeso, working for the Amerind Foundation, an anthropological organization dedicated in preserving Native American culture also mentioned that he saw them actually crush through the authentic artifacts in order to reach the figures though none of them which were uncovered had any such marks on them.

Figures an Indication of a Hoax

Besides these, other evidence comprised of fresh manure that was found beneath the ground, fingerprints found under the ground with black fill from other areas was discovered in sterile red earth. All these are indication of previously tampering with the site. The total number of complete figures that were found is an indication of a hoax.

 With 32,000 figures that were found, all of them were in perfect shape except for a few that were broken, probably to create an impression of illusion of ancient times. If the figures were of authentic antiquities, they could not be preserved with such excellence in an inhospitable atmosphere and pottery is always reveals fragments known as sherds. Among the 32,000 unblemished ceramics that had been discovered, none had fragments but were in perfect condition.

The figures continues to draw attention till date and have been mentioned in some pseudoscientific books of David Lewis, like the Atlantis Rising while another young Earth creationist, Don Patten a staunch supporter has also proposed some new lines of evidence which include the figure’s resemblance to the dinosaurs that are portrayed in the book of Robert Bakker. Presently the collections of Waldemar Julsrud are on display in its own museum in Acambaro while the internet provides the essential information for those interested in believing in its validity.

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