Friday, June 26, 2015

Flower of Life

Flower of Life – Patterns of Creation 

The Flower of Life – FOL is found in several major religions all over the world and contains the patterns of creation as it appears from the Great Void, made from the Creator’s thought. The flower of life has secret symbol which is created by drawing thirteen circles out of the Flower of Life and by doing so, one could realize the sacred and most important pattern in the universe.

 This is the Fruit of Life which is the source of everything that exists. It comprises of thirteen informational systems where each one clarifies another aspect of truth. Hence these systems give rise to access to everything that could range from the human body to the galaxies. For instance, in the first system, there is a possibility of creating any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that may exist in the universe which in short is every living creature.

The most common type of the Flower of Life is in a hexagonal pattern from which the centre of every circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter and is made up of 19 whole circles with 36 partial circular arcs, that is enclosed by a big circle.

Information & Knowledge from Understanding FOL

It is a geometrical pattern which is made of multiple overlapping circles of the same size. One can derive a lot of information and knowledge which can be gained from understanding the Flower of Life. It is considered to be sacred geometry comprising of ancient religious value and to sum it up, it portrays the fundamental forms of space and time and yet there is a lot more to learn from it.

The Seed of Life is designed from seven circles placed with six fold symmetry giving a shape of circles and lenses which tend to act as a basic component of the design of the Flower of Life. The symbol of the flower of life signifies important implication to many, throughout history and can be found in temples, manuscripts and art in all cultures around the world. At Abydos, in Egypt, the temple of Osiris, has the oldest known specimens of the Flower of Life which are at least over 6,000 years old, dating back to as long as 10,500 BC or could be earlier. It seems that it had not been carved into the granite but rather have been burned into the granite or drawn on it with unbelievable accuracy.

Represent the Eye of Ra – Symbol of Authority of Pharaoh

It is presumed to represent the Eye of Ra, which is a symbol of authority of the pharaoh. One will observe other examples in Assyrian, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Phoenician and medieval art. An interesting illustration of the flower of life is found in The Forbidden City, in Beijing, China where the flower of life is discovered in a spherical form beneath the paw of the `Fu-Dog’ or the `Guardian Lion’.

The palace had been a home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the Fu-Dogs were a symbol of protection to the buildings and their inhabitants. Besides this, they were also considered as the guardians of knowledge. In the New Age, the Flower of Life has provided to what is considered as a deep spiritual meaning and methodsof enlightenment to the ones who have studied it as sacred geometry. There are several groups of people all across the world who tend to obtain particular beliefs and forms of meditation established on the Flower of Life.

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