Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Switched to Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water?

Purified Water – Rapid Loss of Electrolytes/Minerals 

Most of the water consumed whether it comes from tap water, bottled water, distilled water or reverse Osmosis water,has contents of acid pH which could cause acid in our body. The water intake has a positive Oxidation Reduction Potential -ORP and hence most of the members in a household tend to suffer from various health issues like acidity, headaches, constipation, fatigue, arthritis, immune dysfunction, cancer, hangovers as well as premature aging.

Some consider purified water is beneficial only when the person intends cleansing or detoxifying the system for some time. Cooking food in purified water could eliminate the minerals from it and lessen the nutrient value. Purified water tends to be an active absorbent and when it comes in contact with the air, it tends to absorb the carbon dioxide thus making it acidic.

 Fast purified water could pose as a problem due to the rapid loss of electrolytes and minerals resulting in deficiencies, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats and the more consumption of purified water, more acidic contents get into the system which affects the overall health of the person.

Dr. Otto H Warburg is of the opinion that the main cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency that creates an acidic stage in the body and has found that the cancer cells are anaerobic and does not survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen which is found in an alkaline state

Reputed/Advanced/Stylish/Affordable Water Ionizer 

Service provider in the form of Hydro-Jal Plus is one of India’s most reputed, advanced, stylish and affordable water ionizer, with high quality ionizer that is efficient, fully featured and powerful where the conversion of regular water is turned into the healthiest alkaline water wherein consumers could consume healthy alkaline water without any doubt.

It provides the most prefect ionized alkaline water with India’s most advance ionization technology. It is an automatic alkaline water ionizer that tends to turn harmful acidic water to beneficial alkaline water by increasing the pH value through the process of ionization. Consumers could change their water thereby bringing about a change in their health by requesting a demo at their desired location for a better and improved health conditions. Some of the benefits of this amazing choice are:

  • An alkaline atmosphere could nurture healthy blood cells and thereby increase the overall immunity
  • It enters the body at a cellular level and hydrates the body better
  • Ionized alkaline water re-establishes alkalinity and flushes out the acidity toxin present in the body
  • With high level of oxygen it has the capabilities of delivering nutrients to the various body cells efficiently thereby keeping a person more energized the whole day.
  • Helps in the prevention of diseases like asthma, allergies, arthritis, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems osteoporosis, skin disorder and acid reflux.
  • Slows down the aging process like wrinkles and saggy skin with more years of youthful and radiant looks
  • It is economical and budget friendly combined with a good health and wellness
  • Prevention of bloating of the stomach after meals
  • Consumption of ionized alkaline water is an effective way in gaining fast recovery time and instant energy after heavy workouts

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