Monday, April 13, 2015

Should Students be Allowed to Grade Their Teachers


In the era of the digital classroom, teaching and learning trends have shifted in application and methodology. Among these changes is the question of whether or not students should be allowed to grade their teachers in essay writing, for example.. This article will show why students should not be allowed to grade their teachers.

Teaching will be made into a Popularity Contest

If students are allowed to grade their teachers, most teachers will abandon objective teaching and concentrate merely on obtaining good reviews. Some female teachers will even wear short dresses or skirts in order to score positive reviews with male students as shown in the photo above.

Negative Grading will Prompt Teachers to Bully Students

If a teacher is graded positively by students, he or she will return the same favor. This is also true if he or she is graded negatively. In this regard, if students were to grade teachers, most teachers would be forced to either bully or threaten students who may want to post a negative review about them. Such behavior may include increased hostility towards students, threats of low grades and exaggerated exercises or tests. Even if students were to anonymously grade teachers, most of them would be able to recognize the handwriting of their students. Ultimately, students will refrain from telling the truth about the performance of their teachers.

Grading of Teachers by Students will be Partisan

Students tend to hold personal vendettas against certain teachers, many of which are directly related to classroom relationships. As such, they have less motivation for grading their teachers positively based entirely on their teaching capacity. Outside factors such as the appearance of the teacher as opposed to performance may influence their grading. In essence, as shown in the photo below, students too will be offered the ammunition to get back at teachers if they are allowed to grade them.


Students should not be allowed to grade their teachers as it will only serve to increase friction in the classroom, which will ultimately impact on the quality of learning.

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