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Micronations: Aerican Empire

The Aerican Empire – No Sovereign Territory

The Aerican Empire a micronation was founded in May 1987 and had no sovereign territory of its own. It has not been recognized by any of the other sovereign state as an existing state. The New York Times, in 2000, described its website as `one of the more imaginative’ micronation sites. The Aerican Empire in short form is referred as Aerica.

The members claimed sovereignty over a large disconnected location which included a square km of land in Australia, Canada – containing the Embassy to Everything Else, a house sized area in Montreal with many other areas on the Earth, with a colony on Mars, and the northern hemisphere of Pluto together with an imaginary planet.

As in the case of several micronations, the members count fluctuated tremendously with the passage of time and in May 2009, its claim exceeded to 400. The Aerican Empire was founded by Eric Lis, the present Emperor as well as a core group of friends. The first ten years of the empire’s history was engaged in wars which included battles with the rival micronations.

It was a parliamentary democracy with the primary elected body, the Senate with seventeen individuals, two representatives from every area of the Empire together with the head of state, the Emperor. The Empire had never printed these documents since it was considered as a waste of money till another government recognized its validity.

Unrecognized By Established States of the World

However, novelty passport together with ID card did exist for download. Its culture grew from the starting principle and attracted several individuals with good sense of humour and keen on science fiction, fantasy as well as games due to which, modern Imperial culture is filled with regards to Star Wars and The Aerican Empire’s official gaming club – AEGIS which is associated with seven univerisites all over the world with sponsors, funded, supporting an annual gaming day on December 29 since 2003.

Moreover AEGIS has also rendered financial support in the creation of many Aerican Empire theme Warhammer 40K armies that have participated in national tournaments. Being a micronation, a nation and or state that is unrecognized by established states of the world, it has at times been one of the most infamous as well as the most the influential site.

Collection of Politically Interconnected Colonies

The Empire is a collection of politically interconnected colonies which have been scattered across the world with each of them consisting of small plot of land. No records are available to indicate the purpose on the creations of the Empire. This Empire does not have any official religion and freedom of religion is guaranteed to any faith. All can follow the religion of their choice within the empire and co-exist in peace.

There are different faiths in the empire and the faith which has grown along with the Empire and the most favoured one of several citizens is Silinism, which is a disorganized religion with the worship of Forsteri, the Great Penguim together with its associated non-religious philosophy, the Path of Forsteri.

 The symbols of the Empire are varied and many which include the national flag together with the imperial seal. Besides this, each colony is represented by its own individual flag.

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