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Zoroaster’s Telescope – Strange Book of Oracle Magic

Zoroaster’s Telescope
Zoroaster’s Telescope is considered to be a strange book of oracle magic which was written by Andre-Robert Andrea de Nerciat, a French author of Libertine genre in 1796. It is unique in the genre with diverse magical methods layouts which are very much in lines with the manuals of occult tradition and features many wood engraved plates, tables and charts together with a large folding plate which is entitle The Urn where the sigla of art is exemplified.

Zoroaster’s Telescope
The text appeared later in a collection of German folk literature which was compiled by Johann Scheible and the translation done in English. Occultism was very active during the 18th century with noted fortune tellers and magicians who were spread all over Europe playing important roles in political as well as historical events.

This was the era during the Count of St. Germain, Cagliostro, Antoine Court de Gebelin, Etteilla, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, Adam Weishaupt and Emanuel Swedenborg who were well known for their magical prowess or accuracy and visionary of the future.

Hepatoscopy and Geomancy – 18th Century

Zoroaster’s Telescope
Ancient divination system like hepatoscopy and geomancy existed during the 18th century which gave way to new forms of occult science like the Odic Light and Magnetism of Baron Carl von Reichenbach and Franz Mesmer.

The Tarot game, Tarocco, from Italy too came up in its own system of fortune telling with the publication of Le Monde Primitif Analyse et Compere avec le Monde Moderne by Antoine Court de Gebelin in 1781 and the publication by Jean Francois Alliette, Maniere de se recreer avec le jeu de cartes nomees Tarots in 1783. Not long after this publication, Etteilla created his own Tarot cards.

 Though Andre-Robert Andrea de Nerciat had a poor view on activities like Tarot and Palmistry, revealed in his text, he seemed to be in favour of his amalgamation of divinatory of Kabbala and spiritual astrology where some of his statements appear as if they would be in direct contrast to the actual Jewish thinking like the day starting with the first ray of light making one wonder what could be his source of ideas.

Kabbala and Magic

Zoroaster’s Telescope
Presented within a divination system of the unusual fusion of religious and mystical ideas, are provided in the text by several woodcuts as well as instructive Tables wherein these woodcuts with their own charms and visual beehive theme are necessary in comprehending the working of the oracle.

 Besides, these woodcuts do have names like The Great Guide, The Great Mirror and The Urn bringing to mind the romantic notion of Kabbala and magic.

The Zoroaster’s Telescope is said to be The Key to the Great Divinatory Kabbala of the Magi where within the text one will find eclectic mix of angel magic, astrology, divination, Zoroastrianism, twenty-eight mansions of the moon, Kabbala, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, MacGregor Mathers reminiscent of the syncretism, employed during Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn at the end of the 19th century.

Based on various source of information, Zoroaster’s Telescope is an oracle and divinatory tool bringing the operator closer to the Divine, if one is willing, as a medium or agency in receiving revelation and messages directly from God – Special Providence.

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