Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sacred mean Phi

Numbers and Proportions – Divine Importance & Significance

Various cultures all over the world have seen the way nature has used number and proportion in the material form and these cultures were discovered in certain and exact set of numbers and proportions.

For the ancient people it seemed to be unclear that this set of numbers and proportion could have some significance or even possess a divine importance while the modern people would have no problem explaining the coincidence with logic or with scientific reasoning.

The ancient culture that discovered nature’s use of number did not have the need to explain things and left their minds open to the mysterious of nature’s love of geometry. Looking into the vast amount of information which has been collected on extensive number of forms where nature has adopted the proportion of Phi, it is observed that there is no other specific number which recurs through life with such regularity on earth.

For long, human beings realised that certain numbers, ratios and shapes had sacred significance like the number `7’ which has great significance in different aspects of various cultures, where geometric shapes were connected with numbers. The Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio continue to be instrumental in everything from Music to Art.

Sacred Geometry – Complex System

 Phi 1
Sacred geometry considered as a worldview of pattern recognition is a complex system of religious structures and symbols which involves time, form and space and according to this, the basic pattern of existence are considered to be sacred.

On researching into the nature of these patterns, forms as well as the relationships with their connections, understanding can be dawned into the mysteries, the lore and the laws of the universe.

The sacred meanings and symbols are also connected to certain geometric shapes, numbers and geometric ratios or proportions.

In the ancient times, certain numbers had some symbolic meanings attached to them, besides counting or calculating.

Most of the figures in geometry, like the polygons, hexagons, triangles, squares etc. were all related to numbers where square for instance related to four sides, triangle to three angles, etc.

Number Seven – Sacred Meaning to Geometric Number

Attaching sacred meanings to geometric number, one will find the number seven occurring consistently in diverse cultures all over the globe and religious and mythologies of the world consider seven as sacred.

An example is the pyramids of Egypt where the shape of the pyramid arrives at the number seven by connecting the three sided triangle and the four sided square.

The seven musical notes in a scale in music, repeat at the octave, then there are seven virtues and seven deadly sins in the Christian Church, seven heavens and seven earths in the Islamic tradition, seven terraces of purgatory in the Roman Catholic beliefs,seven steps taken by Buddha at the time of his birth, seven worlds in the Hindu universe, seven branched Jewish menorah which is the oldest symbol in Judaism.

As per some beliefs, the human body needs seven energy vortices which are known as chakras in order to be open to spiritual growth, wherein one moves focus from the three lower physical chakras to the four higher spiritual point.Moreover, seven was also connected with growth wherein a phenomenon needed to be completed in seven stages like in the Bible where God created the universe in Seven Days

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