Sunday, January 19, 2014

Myths about Psychics That Are False

Anytime the word 'psychic' comes up, rumors and myths abound. Whether they're good or bad, depends on the person, but for the most part, many of them aren't true. But how do you know what to believe? Anyone who hasn't spent a great deal of time around a trained and qualified psychic might be left to pure guesswork without the proper information. Do psychics see the future? Can they make someone fall in love with you? Can they help you win the lottery? Without the right information, you might never actually know the real answers.

Psychics Can Help You Make Money

This is unfortunately not true. Some psychics have the ability to offer sound financial advice and sometimes even see what might happen as the result of a specific investment venture. However, psychics cannot predict the outcome of something like the lottery, or anything else that might land you a large amount of money. This is unfortunately impossible and anyone who claims to be able to do it is most likely a fake. On the other hand, if you want financial advice, then a psychic reading or a tarot reading might be a good idea. 
A Psychic Can Cast Spells

This rumor comes in a number of different flavors, mostly starting with either curses or love spells. The truth is that none of them are true. A psychic can no more make someone fall in love with you than they can curse your family for generations. People who can supposedly cast spells are known as witches and wizards, but that sort of thing has nothing to do with psychics and is pretty much mostly pure fiction. Some psychics are pretty good with telling you how things might work out with a certain someone though, so don't discount them entirely in the world of romance. 
What a Psychic Says is Set in Stone

If you go to see a psychic and they tell you something but it doesn't happen, they have to be a fake, right? Actually no. The future is based entirely on your choices and actions. If you do something differently then what would have set you on the path that your psychic saw, then that future will never happen. Nice loophole? Actually no. The best reason to see a psychic is to get help with making a decision, such as 'which path you want to take'. A psychic can help you decide which option will produce better results by giving you the advice you need based on his or her predictions.
Psychics are Mind Readers

While some psychics are sure to have reading skills good enough to make people believe they can read minds, no one can read anyone else's mind. So if you're hoping to hire someone to tell you what someone else is thinking, then you are out of luck. However, most psychics do learn how the human mind works, and how to read people, so that they can likely actually predict things you might say. Unfortunately, many people use 'mind reading' as a way to 'prove' a psychic's power.  If you know what a psychic really is, then you know that this doesn't prove anything, except that the asker doesn't really know what they are getting into.
Psychics are Frauds

You hear this one all the time, and for good reason. There are a lot of people who go out of their way to try to make money off of 'being a psychic' without ever having any psychic talent. While these sorts of people are in fact frauds, there are actually many real psychics out there. Some psychics employ techniques like cold reading and blatant improvising, to make you think that they are 'the real deal', but for the most part, anyone who uses extremely vague starters and then jumps on an audience response is a fake. Instead, you want to look for a psychic who asks direct questions, or talks to you first about specific things they can look for. 
Being a psychic doesn't make you perfect, or a mind reader, it just makes you sensitive to the world around you. Many psychics aren't always psychic and many live very normal lives. While there are fakes and frauds out there, it is possible to look for quality psychics with training and skills on sites like The Circle Psychic. Keep in mind that a psychic consultation isn't set in stone, but that you can get some pretty good advice, and you will have a great experience.
Megan Flurry is a full time psychic and Tarot reader who works at The Circle Psychic. She's happy to offer readings in her specialty of love and relationships to anyone. 

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