Friday, January 17, 2014

Foodpanda An Upcoming Online Food Portal

Fuel keeps the engine going just as food keeps our system working and at times amidst our hectic schedules of life, one may find insufficient time to cater to the pangs of hunger which is part of our human system. Foodpanda has come up with the solution to this problem and with the internet playing a very important role in our day to day life; one can make the best use of this opportunity provided to consumers.

Foodpanda an online service provider consisting of a group of individuals have been working round the clock catering to the taste buds of clients who either have little or no time in indulging in cooking or visit a restaurant as well as for those who have an inclination to taste their delicious dishes comprising of different cuisines as well as flavors. All these menus are swiftly and efficiently delivered by their service team on board. Foodpanda is equipped with a team of designers, problem solvers and thinkers catering to the needs of individuals using the most powerful online tool for the delivery of food to any location of the globe.

Technology has made great headway in the present world and is continuously upgrading in every sphere of life. Life has been moving on a fast track and though with the help of technology, activities have become a lot easier, individual’s working schedules have also been increasing and often they tend to find less time for food and its preparation especially working mothers who have a hectic time coping in various multi task of working, attending to their kids and preparing the daily meal. Foodpanda has provided a solution especially to women in the present scenario which has given most of the working women some consolation and peace of mind in coping with various schedules especially cooking after a tiring day at work, no doubt others also get the advantage of these benefits.

It is an online food ordering platform wherein consumers have the liberty to order food of their choice at this portal from any destination of the world. Having a huge chain of restaurant in various countries across the globe they are capable of catering to all food requirements to any desired location of the world. Individuals have the option of ordering from the extensive list of restaurants listed which are available in 33 countries and indulge in ordering from the various menus available, the process of which is a simple one. In order to get started the customer needs to furnish the postcode at the home page and browse through the various list of restaurants listed where the delivery is done in the desired area.

They can order their meal from any of these restaurants going through the menu of their choice, selecting the desired meal and then proceed with the checkout instructions. On completion of the checkout procedure, an SMS confirming the order and delivery time is sent to the customer and the same is delivered as per their commitment. At foodpanda, ordering food online is an advantage which is fast, interesting besides being supplied with the different cuisines accompanied with the flavors of one’s choice. This services makes up for time constraint in cooking or venturing to any eatery.

Moreover the meals provided by them are known to be delicious and freshly cooked besides being hygienic and healthy. The outcome of this service was due to the rising demands in home delivery services namely in the cities where time constraint was the main sector among many working individuals. The Co founder, of Foodpanda from his observation in the steady demand on food home delivery gave rise to the birth of Foodpanda bringing about a solution mostly to the working class category of individuals which was convenient and easy with regards to the menu, charges as well as the delivery. It is also easy for travelers visiting the city for the first time not knowing the local restaurant or the language which could prove to be a hindrance in ordering food.

Foodpanda has been offering online food delivery services, with the widest range of menus to choose from through the internet as well as through Foodpanda’s mobile application. They have been helping people to explore the various restaurant options anywhere, at anytime providing the services of ordering food which is quick and convenient.

With all the details and choices available on their portals, this platform provides the solution to all their requirements. Ordering food online is now made easy for all customers when the pangs of hunger are on, to satisfy their taste buds with their amazing aroma, flavor and a variety of dishes to choose from, where the facilities and the benefit are made easy at Foodpanda. For further advantage, individuals could also sign up to receive great offers and deals from some of the top restaurants via email and benefit from the same.

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