Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Effective Study Tips

Do you or someone you know have a hard time studying? Finals are on their way now in colleges, and tests are bound to be on their way before public schools close their doors for the holidays. If you are caught up in a major jam and are in need of studying or even of a math tutor in San Ramon or anywhere else on earth, it’s a good idea to think about these expert studying moves. Here are three suggestions for studying aids if you’re really having a hard time learning about a particular subject.

1. Write out flashcards. This is one of the simplest ways to study quickly. Plus, you will be doing the writing, so some of the answers will be engraved in your memory. Make sure to write the questions on the front of the flashcards and to write the answer on the back. For example, if one of the questions to your Sociology exam is, “Which religious organization seeks to maintain exclusiveness, claims to represent true faith, and is most likely to have split off from a larger religious group?” and the answer is “sect”, make sure to put that on the back. This is one tried and true study method which will assist you tremendously.

2. This second recommendation is for anyone who doesn’t do well with traditional flashcards. However, you will need one notebook to study with this method. Try writing out the questions and the answers to those questions multiple times. This may seem a bit tedious—and yes, it sure is—but it will certainly help to drill those answers into your head. Write and rewrite these answers until you no longer have to check to see how to complete the sentences. That way, you will know that you are finished. Then you can even ask yourself in your head for the answer. Once you can answer it on your own, you’ll know that this tactic has officially worked.

3. Ask for the help of a tutor. Let’s just say math is your weakest subject—and jeez—it sure is tough! A math tutor in San Ramon or anywhere close to you can help you effortlessly. Sure, it might be a little bit of money, but for the purpose of education, it’s priceless. Plus, some tutors offer testimonials, so if you didn’t gain anything out of the first session you won’t have to go to that same tutor again. For the most part, however, a tutor is a teacher who will hone in on your individual needs and notice where you are in need of help the most. This is an excellent technique for anyone who is struggling with a particular subject, whether it is English, math, or science. There are even university tutors who can help with those harder courses such as astronomy or economics. With a tutor, you’ll have everything to gain and nothing at all to lose.

 Using one of the three recommendations, you’ll either be acing your tests or at least have a much better understanding of your subjects. A tutor is always a worthwhile choice, by the way, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

Michele Bowie was a writing tutor at Rowan University where she noticed student strengths and weaknesses. She worked hard with them to obtain their learning goals. Currently, she is a blogger living in Philadelphia, PA.

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