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Science Mystery: Interesting Facts About The Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio -1
The Golden Ratio is often referred as God’s fingerprint and is also the twenty first letter of the Greek alphabet. It appears in nature and is also the universal law of the divine number showing the interrelations in life and is the only number which adds as well as multiplies simultaneously. Phi or the Golden ratio is also called by other names like the Fibonacci numbers, divine, mean, golden mean, golden section or golden spiral and is the main source code applied to all intelligent divine creation as well as number assigned to man. It can also be applied to anything in the world like shells, water, sunflowers, roses, snowflakes, art, planets, animals’ symbol of man, DNA and much more. The Golden Ratio, the most ancient sacred principle known as the Divine Proportion is expressed by the Greek letter phi and is often found in designs of icon down the ages and around the world from Chartres Cathedral to Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid.

Golden Ratio -2
Famous personalities like Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Fibonacci used the Golden Ration in order to create their genius work and the credits on the beauty of the piece of art of Mona Lisa goes to the ideal proportion of the Golden Ratio. Earlier it was considered that the Golden Ratio could only be applied to arts and architecture but through the innovative medical professionals who have come to the realization that the immense benefit in improving the health can come through Golden Ratio with regards to health and the well being of humans. Based on Friedman’s intuition and supported by a variety of scientific studies, the British Medical Journal in December 2009 published a study informing that the Golden Ratio could be an important predictor of heart attacks. According to the study’s lead author from Innsbruck Medical University in Austria, Professor Hanno Ulmer states that a healthy hearts exhibits the harmonious golden ratio. Professor Ulmer, after analyzing blood pressure readings from people over 160,000 in number, found that those with a ratio of 1.6180, which is the mathematical value of the Golden ratio, between the maximum and the minimum blood pressure, had a lower chance of having a fatal heart attack.

Golden Ratio -3
What is the Golden Ratio – When 2 quantities demonstrate divine proportionate the Golden Ratio and if the ratio of the sum of the 2 quantities or number to the large quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one, the Golden Ratio’s mathematical value arrived is 1.6180339887 and for most of us, this can be understood better with diagrams than with words or numbers. The number of man in the human body is 5 which is based on Phi and in the occult world is symbolized as an upright pentagram having two feet on the ground, with two arms extended to the side and the head in ascendant position to the heavens – AS ABOVE. This upright pentagram denotes the spiritual man or Christ who is in control and the pattern of the number 5 corresponding with the 5 elements in nature as SO BELOW. Throughout the physical body, the Golden ratio is expressed in various ways inclusive of bone structure, in the proportion of the section of each finger of our hand and the toe of our feet as well as the proportion of our face which are just the beginning of the numerous ways in which the Golden ratio governs the formation and functioning of our bodies.

Golden Ratio -4
It is therefore essential to understand the principle in order to achieve ideal health and help in the overall improvement of health. According to Dr. Friedman, the Golden Ratio throughout the human body with regards to physiological, anatomical, and molecular levels is an incredible code to be embedded in the structure and function of the body and the more one could apply this principle, life tends to get more effortless and efficient. With our 5 limbs consisting of the legs, arms and the head, each of which contains 5 appendages of fingers and toes which operate with the 5 sensory organs of our head , our two eyes, ears, and the mouth which in turn activates the five sense organs of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. As humans we operate efficiently when we use the Golden Ratio to handle how to learn and sense with the use of math of 5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5 = Phi and when we live by the Golden Rule, the philosopher turns the DNA lead into DNA gold. Mathematical construction here means that 5 ^ .5 means that 5 raised to the power of ½ power, is the square root of 5 and is then multiplied by .5 to which is added .5. Our DNA comprises of our looks, intelligence and the ability to excel in any given environment depending on the history of knowledge present in the blood that runs in our veins. In simple phrase the DNA is you and you are your DNA. It is here that the mathematical order takes shape in organizing the order that is within, to operate effectively on the outside with the world according to a particular DNA.

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