Monday, September 30, 2013

Trendy Confirmation Gifts for Young Teens

For Christians, the Confirmation Ceremony is a way for teen adults to affirm their faith in their religion. From the age of 10 to 18, they learn about their faith and choose to become adult members of the Christian faith through the Confirmation ceremony. As a result, this ceremony is a big deal and parents usually host a religious ceremony followed by a small get-together at home or at a public venue. If you have been invited to such a function, we recommend you take a gift along, as everyone loves gifts. There is no hard and fast gifting etiquette and you are actually free to provide monetary compensation. However, in several cultures, friends and family gift small items that act as mementos of the occasion. To help you out, take a look at the top 3-4 trendy confirmation gifts of 2013

Bracelets -- Gold and silver interchangeable bracelets are very popular as confirmation gifts. The bracelets may have silver or stainless steel medals to form beautiful mementos of the occasion. Stainless steel bracelets are also popular with boys and precious jewelry is possible by combining stainless steel with diamonds to form beautiful unisex pieces.

Personalized rosaries -- Rosaries are always popular as confirmation gifts. The rosaries can be made with non-precious plastic, wood or bone beads or they may be made with precious beads made from jade, amethysts, garnets, pearls etc. The rosaries are personalized by adding alphabet beads to each rosary. Engraving is also possible on the personalized rosary. These beautiful pieces are usually packed in individual rosary trinket boxes made from silver, wood, crystal or marble and the boxes are engraved with the receiver's name.

Bible and religious books -- Children's bibles are always popular as confirmation gifts. These bibles can be personalized with the receiver's name, date and event. Religious books about special events, stories, poems etc. are also popular as simple but beautiful gifts for boys or girls.

Music DVDs or CDs -- These are probably the most popular gifts for young adults. You can choose from a huge range of unique devotional music, choir music, etc. or buy an entire kit of seasonal music as gifts. The CDs and DVDs can be personalized with the name of the giver and receiver and the date of the event.
Chains and lockets -- These are wonderful gifts for any age group and both boys and girls will love them. We recommend you buy chains made from sterling silver and then engrave the lockets for gifting. On average, chain and locket systems will cost you $100 to about $200. If you don't want to shell out so much, you will also find stainless steel lockets and chains for about $20 to about $50.

However, there is no need to worry unduly as you can easily use the services of a professional Christian website like to find trendy yet apt gifts for such occasions. Look at the store catalog to find items you like and purchase directly online. If you aren't sure on what a teen boy or girl will want, you can always email the site for additional information.
This article was written by Brent Johnston

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