Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Controversy Surrounding Metal Detectors in Schools

Security metal detectors in schools are a topic of interest for many parents, educators and lawmakers.  Yet, this simple concept has a variety of complex problems making it easier said than done.  Some may not understand the concept completely or seem to have an understanding from one perspective.  The following points give more insight on why metal detectors in schools is a tough challenge to tackle.
  • Many educators and lawmakers argue it may take too long when screening each student as they enter through a walk-through detector.  Many schools have a large student body and it could cause concern if educational programs are disrupted due to loss of time.
  • How many security professionals will be needed to monitor, train, and operate metal detectors?  Will the detectors be used during the day and what about after school and events?
  • How often would metal detectors be in use by the school? Meaning, when students are scheduled to be in class, will they only be used at this time? Will any of these people work undercover or do surprise inspections to find concealed weapons? If the metal detectors will not be in use 24/7, people could still bring a weapon on the premises and hid it somewhere within the building.
  • How will students enter the building to be screened? Will detectors be at a designated entrance and will students be required to enter this way only? What about screening students before they enter the building but on school property?  Few accounts of school violence have happened outside of the building.
  • What about students who take the bus to school? Will school buses have metal detectors? This poses an issue with windows at ground-level.  What if a student tries to pass a weapon through an unlocked window?
  • Covering the cost of metal detectors.  This aspect alone has a number of concerns such as the type of detectors to use, how many to purchase, the cost of hiring security personnel to train, maintain, and monitor usage, and would the cost considered a return investment if the measure is implemented to its full ability? What about replacing them in the future? How will the cost of using them be covered: who will pay for it?
  • Will visitors and parents be screened?  What about when other non-school related events occur such as Election Day voting or community meetings, will metal detectors be used on these days? 

Here is the fact of the matter, security metal detectors can be a great help to stop harm coming to our children. But if you asked me if they are the solution to all our problems I would say "no". I think most securiy professionals would have the same opinion. To be frank security metal detectors can help a great deal, and price shouldn't be a huge concern when it comes to protecting our children. I believe our schools will never truely be safe as long as humans are in this state of existance. But with the combined efforts of metal detectors, guns for teachers and security cameras we can make our schools a safer place.
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