Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Federal Publication Seminars

FedBizOpps.gov, the US government web site that lists contracts open for bids, has recently been revamped. The new site offers printed information, videos, users' guides and FAQs on the procurement process that the law mandates. Even more advice is available from the Small Business Administration, which has pages of resources on how to register for this and qualify for that. All this keeps busy professionals away from their primary business for far too long, but failure to research the process of doing business with the government invites failure. US government contracts can be lucrative, but their requirements are stringent and must be rigorously adhered to. Even professionals with years of experience in their field may not understand all the ins and outs, and making a mistake can be extremely costly. Federal contracts are offered by a bewildering array of agencies in need of everything from engineering and production to a few extra parking places in a particular location. Just finding a contract on which to bid successfully takes considerable work and lots of know-how. This leaves businesses with several options. They can hire consultants to handle the bidding process. They can wade through all the available information and try to do it themselves, but this is risky and time-consuming. Or they can seek out federal publication seminars and train an existing employee on the intricacies of the government procurement process. However it is accomplished, the business with the best information on the process is likely to be the most successful.

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