Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taking a Class on a School Trip to Manchester

If you’re thinking of taking your class out on a school trip to supplement their classroom learning with some practical, first-hand experience, Manchester is a brilliant choice. The transport links are excellent, there are lots of things to do and the children will love exploring the big city with its friendly people and interesting buildings.

If you’re coming from outside the city, the easiest mode of transport is to hire a coach into Manchester. This means your class can be dropped off directly outside all the big attractions, so there are no long walks between venues, and everyone stays together so you don’t need to worry  about losing anyone. Otherwise, trains into Manchester from London and most major Northern cities are frequent, and buses and trams will take you wherever you need to go across the city.

If you need inspiration for places to go, you’re in luck: Manchester has something suitable for almost every subject. If you’re taking a sports club off on a trip, head to the Manchester United or Manchester City stadiums. Here, you will be able to take a tour of the grounds and browse the museums showing the fascinating history of the clubs. Learn the story of the teams, the managers and the grounds, and take a look at some of the vintage kits from seasons gone by.

For a Religious Education trip, there is no better place to take your class than the grand Manchester Cathedral. Guided tours are available to teach the class about the history of the church and the different components of the building. There is a new modern visitor centre where children can find out more about the Cathedral from the knowledgeable staff so that they leave with all their questions answered.

Any classes learning about local history will really benefit from a trip to Manchester with its dozens of museums. Visit an old family home such as Wythenshawe Hall, a 16th century home formerly belonging to Manchester’s Tatton family. Alternatively, Bolton Museum contains a comprehensive range of world history, from Ancient Egypt to amazing archaeological discoveries. There is an aquarium in the same building which is perfect for science lessons.

For younger children, the Stockport Story Museum is the perfect choice. It’s free, it’s child-friendly and there are lots of interactive games and activities to keep them amused as they learn about the history of Stockport through the form of entertaining exhibits and displays.

If you want to take your class on a trip with a bit of a difference, head to Manchester. The children will find the day fun and educational, and you can come away knowing that they’ve picked up some knowledge to help them achieve their potential back at school.

Cleo Turnbull has been taking school children on trips to Manchester for over 15 years and still enjoys the city as much today as when she first visited as a child

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