Thursday, May 9, 2013

4 Bugs That Make You Want to Leave This Planet

Some people don't have a problem squashing insects, but to me and a good amount of the world population, insects are terrifying. I just don't like the idea that a creature a fraction of my size can infiltrate my body and ruin me. I'm going to make this situation much worse for us scaredy-cats by exposing some insects from around the world.

1. Japanese Giant Hornet

At this point, many of you are probably familiar with these dudes, but for those of you who aren't, be happy that these are not indigenous to America. These flying creatures are roughly the size of an average human thumb and have stingers a quarter of an inch long. Their venom is strong enough to destroy our skin tissues and directly targets our nervous system. Studies show that a swarm of 30 of these hornets can take down a nest of nearly 30,000 bees. Oh, did I mention that they call in reinforcements with a pheromone that doubles as an acid to attack their prey? Yeah, that too.

2. Bat-eating spiders

This species of spiders is known as Nephila pilipes, but to me, more commonly known as "What the hell?" Even though the bats they eat are a smaller, insect eating kind, these spiders are still eating bats. According to my logic, if Spider-Man and Batman were to engage in battle, Batman would lose in a terrifying manner. These spiders have been found on all continents except Antartica. So pack your bags, guys, we're leaving this place.

3. Army Ant

You can find these guys in the Amazon Basin. They're ants that grow up to half an inch in length. Being ants, they have a strong swarm mentality, but army ants take that to another level. Their entire colony can consist of up to over one million ants and they're completely mobile. They destroy anything that comes into their path. To make matters worse, they're blind. You're probably thinking "How is that worse? They can't see me!" Being blind just means that they are completely indiscriminate in their destruction; whatever they roll over can and will be eaten. They move around by constantly crawling over each other, building bridges with their own bodies if needed. No amount of Raid can stop the rampage these ants are on.

4. Bot fly

No one is okay with these guys. We don't know why they exist. Bot flies come in a lot of varieties. Their name usually indicates what they like to burrow in. That's right: burrow in. And thank goodness for us two-legged creatures, there's a species called the Human Bot Fly. One of their favorite activities is to lay their eggs on a carrier that interacts with humans, like a mosquito. The egg will then find it's way to a human and make it's home there. When the egg hatches, the larvae makes it's home wherever it lands. For example, there have been accounts of bot fly larvae finding their way into human brains.

Now that you know about these insects, space exploration has never been more exciting. Let's hurry up and get off this rock!

About the author: Michael is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, an Austin home security company. In the presence of any bug, he can be found in the nearest corner, armed with a can of raid and a newspaper.

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