Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Reasons Why America’s Education System Is Failing

You have most likely heard this statistic by now. America isn't doing so hot against the rest of the world in regards to education. The U.S. was ranked 17th when put up against 50 other countries around the world which included Asian & Scandinavian nations. Who got the first spots? Countries like New Zealand, Finland, South Korea, and Denmark stood strong while America falls down at an embarrassing 17th.


So whats the reason behind these countries towering beyond America? Its fairly simple and almost obvious. The high ranking countries offer teachers a much higher status in their society. Whats a good way to offer status in society? You guessed it. Money. It should be common knowledge now that the salaries of teachers offered in America are somewhat laughable.


Not only is the monetary value placed on education important in a nation, but so is the respect tied to an educator. If an engineer, doctor, or lawyer got paid a fraction of what their salary would be, coupled with the disrespect that some educators face today (both from children and parents), I wonder how many of them would still be in their respective fields? If a nation understood that educators are a direct factor within their child’s development and therefor in direct affect in their county’s development, the title of being a teacher wouldn't be just an occupation one would rely on because its an easy field to get into. It would actually be an immensely huge responsibility.  When the public understands that a teacher has to carry the responsibility of 25 student’s futures, a mindset change should take place.  Appropriate respect should be brought to these educators.


There has been times in the world’s culture when people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and many other innovators and highly educated individuals were the most esteemed leaders in their respective cultures. There is only a minuscule fraction of America that can name the leading scientific engineer, the man behind the USB, or the person responsible for flash storage. I could ask any middle-schooler today who Lil Wayne is and I could maybe even get him/her to recite a couple of his “lyrics”. I could ask any high-schooler how Dwyane Wade did last year compared to Kobe Bryant and would get a lengthy discussion out of it. There isn't anything wrong with knowing lyrics to a rap song, or comparing certain athletes. The problems start when children openly reject education for the sake of pursuing certain ideas and lifestyles that do not develop their nation’s growth at all.

Children are told to “follow their dreams” while growing up. Those who tell them things like that, forget to mention that the “dreams” that their society around them told them to follow are not only nearly improbable, but do not improve his/her surroundings. Its a paradox that will continue to force America to slide down the slopes of the education system. The very same society that is telling children to follow their dreams, is not projecting the appropriate dreams for them to follow. Athletes, dancers, and musicians do not create a better future for tomorrow; scientists, doctors, and innovators do.

Author Bio: Ronak is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, the leading provider of Kansas City home security & home alarms. He tends to rant about problems in America quite a bit on his twitter (@ronakbear) & writes music in his downtime.

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