Friday, July 13, 2012

Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
The Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt is a fascinating affair concerning 2 stars: Christina Milan and the Kia Rio. The event is about the two pairs of greatest friends are sent on a scavenger hunt all the way through L.A. to discover Christina Milan. Every pair is prepared among their very own Kia Rio, providing them the control of map reading as well as bluetooth to hit upon their target.
The Kia Rio Scavenger hunt was really appealing to look at. The participants were proficient to make use of an assortment of techy aspects made to the Kia Rio to work out the hints as well as in the long run arrive at Christina. They get benefit of aspects such as the USB jack to fill up an audio clip as well as the back camera display to obtain a shot of one of the hints. The Kia Rio moreover attributes direction finding as well as Bluetooth, two of the freshest attributes in my view. Without doubt, it is an advantage for secure as well as hands-free call during driving.
They first one have to make use of a cube to reply finer points query on the subject of LA. The subsequent confront was to come across a concealed Christina CD on Amoeba Records. By means of the USB jack, they were heading for locating the accurate amount of palm trees close to Rodeo Drive. After that, most likely the toughest challenge was on the whole a hotdog eating competition on one of the most well liked hotdog places in LA, where they were heading for their subsequent sign popped to the large chest of the Kia. This last hint shows the way to the panels openly to Christina in her inn.
The 5 spots that the challengers visit are:

• The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round – a momentous familiar sight in L.A that has been available since 1937, as well as it is a place where Walt Disney took his children earlier than constructing Disneyland.

• Amoeba Records – one of the most admired significant music stores in LA.

• Rodeo Drive – One of the most luxurious and ritzy shopping destinations found in Beverly Hills.

• Pink’s Hot Dogs – An L.A. much loved providing hot dogs named after Hollywood celebrities.

• The Roosevelt Hotel – spank wipe at the heart of Hollywood Blvd and home to both history as well as the most excellent parties in L.A.
Taken as a whole, I'd declare the UVO Technology is the freshest aspect of the Kia Rio. This permits you to principally manage the car among your voice as well as carry on your eyes on the street. For further information on the Kia Rio, just look into the Rio Explorer Page.

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