Thursday, April 19, 2012

Medical Negligence Compensation

A friend of mine suffered from a major heart problem and recently undergone an open heart surgery from the city’s famous hospital. After the completion of the operation he shifted from the operation theater to the ICU in few hours. During my first visit, I heard a music sound straightly coming from the right side of his chest. I was shocked and complained to the hospital authorities. I forced them to take an xray of his whole chest and we are shocked to see the xray result! The xray showed us a watch found on the right side of his chest. They immediately conducted another surgery to remove the object from his chest. The hospital authorities humbly requested us to not say a word to anyone regarding this. However, the victim of this tragedy (my friend) wanted to claim for medical negligence compensation through a good solicitor in Wales. Another friend of mine suggested Hugh James which is a chief medical negligence compensation solicitors found in Wales. This company is really an appreciable one! Their expert medical negligence solicitors advised us if we contain a convincing claim for recompense and after that on how to carry on through such a medical negligence claim. They helped us to get USD 850,000 from the hospital as compensation. We really appreciated their work! If you may possibly have a claim, just contact their responsive and friendly team now! For more information, please log on to their site or just dial 029 2022 4871. Thanks!

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