Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adam’s First Wife Lilith?!?!

From my previous post you may aware that the Old Testament has many inconsistencies. To explain those inconstancies and to resolve them Midarsh was developed. Midarsh was a system developed in Jewish literature to interpret the contradictions and give a precise meaning to the religious text of the Bible. Midrashic writing attains its glory in the 2 century and subsequent interpretations of the Bible were influenced by it. (Note: In the middle of this post I will refer Kabbalah, another mystical Jewish literature also)

According to Midarsh, Lilith was   Adam’s first wife and not Eve. Lilith was the very first protester against male chauvinism. Yes she was! During a sexual intercourse Adam wants to prove his authority and forced her to lie beneath, but she refused and rebelled against him and deserted him. (Refer: Sepher Ben Sira, Midrashic collections of proverbs). As Lilith vanished in the air, Adam got irritated and wanted her back, to satisfy Adam God sent his three angels (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof) and they found her in the Red sea. The angels threaten her if she is not coming back to Adam, one hundred of her sons would die every day but in spite of the threat she was not turn back to Adam. Since then she harm the new born. According Sumer- Babylonian legends Lilith was a winged evil spirit who kills infants and women in child birth. More over Lilith was incarnate extravagance and lust. And she is who have sexual intercourse with men in their dreams thus cause wet dreams.

According to Kabbalah Lilith was a demon who seduce men and kill children. As she was not obeying her husband Adam though she was equal with Adam she was described as evil.

Ref: The Apocryphal Testament of Reuben
      Isaiah 34:14( This is the only reference in Bible)           
      Sepher Ben Sira

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Biblical contradictions Part.II

When you compare the book of Genesis and Chronicles 1, you can find lot of letter confusion. The reasons behind this are the following: The Jewish scribes who transmit the text to the next generations could not do perfectly with the Hebrew letters since some of the Hebrew letters are similar to each other. If you compare both the genealogies given in Genesis and Chronicles 1 at least 114 names disagree with each other.

Some of the names in Bible are transposed the name of the tree Almug, Keseb, Shalami etc are transposed as Algum, Kebes and Shamlai respectively (there are more such transpositions of letters are there.)
Most of the names are related with some exceptional incidents in the life. The name of Adam means ground as he was created from earth. Abram’s name was altered as Abraham which means fatherhood.
Most of the names have “ Baal “ with their names, remember Nebuchadnezzar god name is  Bel. This name Baal is related with the Pagan goddess.  Because they hatred Pagan gods names; in later period the names have changed (example the name Eshbaal as Ishbosheth). You can find the name change in Jewish Scriptures also more than hundred places the term YAHWEH as ADONAY by Jewish scribes. In Hebrew  Yahweh means “standing before”.  One who standing before is inferior in Hebrew and hence they changed Yahweh as Adonay.

Do You Know?
According to Midrashic literature, Adams first wife was Lilith and Eve was his second wife.