Friday, April 8, 2011

A Strange Pyramid at a Strange Site

On the south shore of a salt lake discovered a pyramid of metal that would have 50 to 60 meters in height. In front of this structure are three caves whose entrances are triangular. The two smallest of these cavities have collapsed, but the biggest, the center is always accessible. Inside, a piece of pipe of 40 cm, split in two, lying on the ground. Another pipe, rusty, buried in the ground and only the end is visible. Outside the cave of half pipes, pieces of metal and stones of strange shapes are scattered on the south shore of the lake. Some pipes plunge into the water part. It is unclear what may be deep in salt water.

If this site had been discovered in the vicinity of an urban Chinese, the case would boil down to an issue of industrial pollution and its impact on the environment. But it lies at the foot of a mountain called Baigong Shan, in a remote corner of Qinghai Province, 40 km from the nearest town. Could it be that we have here the remains of an ancient alien launch base, which is said to be old to 30 000 to 20 million years, and the passionate evokes speculation in the Chinese press Qin Jianwen, head of publicity for the local government of Delingha, said: "The environment here is inhospitable, and nobody is certainly no modern industry.

There are only a few nomadic herders in the northern mountains. "Ye Zhou, the Lanzhou Morning News, one of the first journalists to have been there, wrote:" Without having seen [these remains] of your eyes, you could believe it. It is difficult to stick to a scientific discourse when talking about that. Only these iron pipes everywhere ... this is chilling. "The site was revealed for the first time in 1998 by a group of American scientists in search of dinosaur fossils’ team warned the local government of Delingha the presence of these structures, but did not attract (attention until June 2002 when a newspaper published Henan news of the discovery.

From their base in the neighboring Lanzhou, Ye and his colleagues decided to resume the new and conduct their own investigation. They produced six reports detailing the expedition and its discoveries. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the preliminary results of analysis of stones and metal indicate that pipes are made of 30% iron oxide, with a high rate of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. 8% of the survey samples are categorized "unidentifiable".

The engineer Liu Shaolin Xitieshan foundry, which performed the analysis, said that the rate of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide indicate that the pipes were kept in the mountain site for a very long time, although its estimate is much lower that of the U.S. scientific theory that the iron would be 300 000 years. Liu estimated the age at 5000 years, which is still impressive, given that the techniques of casting human only go back about 2000 years.

The journalist Ye, Lanzhou, said: "The government of Delingha up the case into a tourist attraction. There is already a road sign pointing the way and the relics and they announced in guidebooks and investment" Reports preliminaries ended, researchers at the Organization of UFO Research in Beijing preparing an expedition further investigation, due to start in late July. Wei Yuguang, director of the Qinghai project, which recently returned to the site, gives what he found the description of a vacant lot. "The area is totally deserted; there is not a living creature within 800 km, although that beyond this invisible boundary there is a rich wildlife. There is no transportation and road is difficult to follow a car carrying journalists from Xinhua remained mired in a ditch.

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