Thursday, March 3, 2011

Computer Virus Program

           Almost in the blink of an eye, computers and the Internet have become a fact of our daily lives. Numerous viruses struck computer systems worldwide during 1990s. When a sophisticated computer virus is introduced into the world of the Internet, it can spread by vast and lightning quick proportions. One of the first computer viruses to achieve serious results was the infamous “Satan Bug”, which attacked computers I the fall of 1993. The bug was the work of a 16 year old computer hacker from San Diego who was known around the Internet as Priest.
                   It worked its way into some US government systems and caused widespread panic. The State Department issued an alarm, and government employees on the CompuServe network posted terrified messages, claiming that the virus was capable of “eating” all the data on a computer. Most dramatically, the bug knocked out the computer system of the Secret Service for three days. When agents tracked down Priest, they found themselves face to face with a trouble maker of a new variety. The 16 years old did not work for anyone (least of all a hostile foreign government, a theory advanced by the media), and he had not targeted the Secret Service network at all.

           In fact, Priest seemed to have no devious plans at all. When asked about the origins of his career as a virus writer, he blithely said, “It was something to do besides blasting fur balls in Wing Commander (Video game).”

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