Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mystery behind the Piri Re'is map

Most of our theories about the early peoples and their civilizations have no concrete physical evidence. The entire theories are merely given shape by the historians. Most of the history is based on the artifacts.  We are right now using accurate maps with the help of the vast knowledge we acquire in the field of astronomy and science. But very perfect maps of our Globe were drawn long before by Piri Re.  His map appears to be one of the historical artifacts. Earlier to 15th century the people were not aware of the shapes of the continents. The Piri Re’ is world map is the one of the few anomalous maps of the time.

From Ptolomy to Finaeus of 15th century map makers included the southern continents perfectly in their World maps and not the Northern Antarctica. Remember the Antarctica was not discovered during that time and it was explored only in the late 20th century only. Anomalous maps of that period showed that Asia is linking America by The Behring strait and the river deltas too drawn shorter by that time.   Some of the old maps like Piri Re’is have very minute details when compared with the modern maps, which shed more light on the Earth’s geological past most particularly in the Ice ages.

The Piri Re’is map is a great wealth as it is most informative and of of the attribution of the information it have. Piri Re’is map have extraordinary details of the coasts and their outlines. His map was only found in Constantinople in the year 1929. The map was drawn in a parchment and it was dated 1513 AD (919 Ah in Islamic calendar). The map was signed by Piri Ibn Haji Memmed (otherwise called Piri Re’is) an admiral of Turkish navy by that time. According to him the map had been consolidated from a set of about twenty maps drawn during the period of Alexander the Great. Piri Re’is maps show the mapping skills of our ancestors. His map is a patch work of the source map. In the recent past his map shed more light on the unknown Ice age civilization. In his map he drawn the outline of Antarctica without glaciers and the recent studies proved that also. 

Then, what causes the glaciers? In 9500 BC The Earth’s inclination suddenly changed with moved Antarctica to another hundred miles south which turned the climate to the freezing, but there is no evidence to prove that Polar Shift theory. Still the maps have hidden secrets  but without clue.


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