Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breath Regulates All Things

In our daily life, we often neglect our breathing above all, deep inhalation and exhalation, but a steady breathing rate has a powerful influence on well being.
This exercise makes use of Eastern breathing techniques. You can try it to help you regulate your breathing. Set aside about 20 minutes and try to do it twice daily.
Do not meditate on a full stomach. The best time to do this exercise is in the mornings an devenings before meals.
The place
Find a comfortable darkened room where you will not be disturbed.
The position
Sit down on the ground on a firm cushion in the lotus position if you can, otherwise cross legged. If this is uncomfortable, you can sit on a stool. Do not lie down, since you must not fall asleep during breathing exercises.
Close your eyes before beginning meditation, and breathe deeply in and out, using your stomach.
The mantra
Try to regulate your breathing using a mantra- a simple word or short phrase. When you inhale, think of the syllable”Aum,” and, when exhaling, of the syllable “Ah’. When there is almost no breath left in our lungs, think of the syllable “Hum’. Tibetan Buddhists often make use of these mantras when meditating.
Tranquil instrumental music or a relaxing story read by a partner in a gentle voice will help you to relax and concentrate.

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