Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mistery behind Secrets of the Cave painters Part .IV

In view of this discovery, some experts have excitedly compared the expressive power and vision of the cave painters to the likes of the Dutch painter Vincent Van. Gogh the difference is, however, that the paintings of chauvet-or at least some of them – are among the oldest in the world, and were probably painted for very different reasons. The latest research has shown that some paintings were completed by later Stone Age artists, sometimes after an interval of as much as several thousand years.

The old idea that mankind need many millennia to produce works of art is now obsolete. Even those scientists who had previously believed in the slow and gradual development of artistic quality, as shown in cave paintings had to acknowledge that the paintings from Chauvet are among the most carefully executed of their kind ever discovered. The naturalistic representation of animals, the accurate paintings, among with the intentional smudging of contours, the use of perspective all this was evidence of exceptional skill. So, advanced were the Stone Age painters that they could not only endow their creatures with a sense of size, but could also convey the impression of movement.

Unfortunately, the origin of the art of these unknown people remains hidden. Did the paintings have a connection to magic or religious ceremonies? Perhaps the answer lies waiting to be discovered in another of these subterranean museums.


  1. mutual posting but according to me painting never've cnnection with magic ,, xD

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  4. who have paint the cave, nice painting :)

  5. what an amazing art... that painting like "badak bercula satu" from indonesia... hahaha. may be that cave painting based on it... hihihi


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